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2 problems with images.

  1. I have images in 3 sections of a blog posting.
    1) I have a gallery of 4 images at the top of the page. Additionally I have 2 individual Images displayed near the bottom. All looked fine in Preview mode - so I went live. Now the individual shots near the bottom of the page are missing entirely from the live view - - only a question mark box displays.
    2) So I deleted the individual photos and re-added; I've tried with a link to "none" and to "gallery"; but with "none" selected, nothing displays; with a link to the "gallery", they show up in the upper portion of the page, where they don't belong. Any suggestions?
    Blog url:

  2. Also gallery problems here:
    All of a sudden WP is not displaying the gallery anymore.

    It's still there in wysiswyg or in textmode but can't even edit the gallery anymore.

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