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2 public blogs can they be keep seprite?

  1. I have one blogg about adult life (for example) i would like another about totalie diffrent topics but Both be public.

    Can people reading blog A find blog B? also what part of url do i use to invite frends from within another forum to read blog B only? (i seen them with thir blog name under thir forum name. I would like to do the same.

    I trying to keep whole thing seperate and invite only sum frends to read only one but not other of the blogs.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My suggestion would be to have the two blogs under two separate accounts so that there is no direct link between them.

  3. thank you i was wondering if it could be done without having two accounts but if it can't be done then two accounts might be better or at lest more secure and in the longrun save me on stress. I just heared about google mail and its forwarding service, if thats true and i can work the thing out then two accounts heer and one google mail would save a lot of bother i think! anyway thanks ;)

  4. It can be done, but it would be incredibly easy to find you. You might make one blog completely private, and then people could only read it if you invited them and they signed up.

  5. also, keep track of which account you're signed in when you reply to comments or write in the forum. i have mixed up my accounts many times!

    if i'm not mistaken, if you have two accounts at you'd need two e-mail addresses as well.

  6. if i'm not mistaken, if you have two accounts at you'd need two e-mail addresses as well.

    Yes, I can confirm that.

  7. hey cat, i didn't realise you're a moderator! cool!

  8. I started up two blogs with two completely different purposes. Am I right in thinking I cannot have two different nicknames - one for one blog and one for the other? That being the case, I would prefer to delete one of these blogs and reinstate it through a different e-mail account. How do I delete that as yet unused blog site?

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