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    Two part question

    I used to have a own website and hosted wordpress myself.

    I constantly used ftp to upload pictures, videos, …

    I know how to upload files now, but I have lots of pictures I want to upload and multiple videos and sound files.

    Is it possible to use ftp on wordpress.com?

    Second question:

    How do I embed the videos I upload?

    From the blog post I read it was only mp3/wav support?

    I use the .ogg alot. Is it only .ogg vorbis (audio) or also .ogg theora (if there is any embedded video playback).

    I don’t really care to use youtube and dailymotion because of very bad quality.

    Will wordpress.com ever support stage6.com/veoh.com/megavideo?


    ps: really like the new 3gb upload limit. I was beginning to worry about the 50mb being getting full in a few days/weeks.


    We do not have ftp access on wordpress.com although there are rumors that multiple file upload will be an option at some point in the future. The future of course is a really big place and none of us volunteers know when it will be).

    At this time, videos are best hosted on a third-party site such as viddler, dailymotion vimeo, Google or youtube and then linked to it on your blog. there is also the Vodpod widget which a lot of people use and like quite well:

    mp3/wav files can only be uploaded if you purchase the space upgrade: http://faq.wordpress.com/2007/10/18/about-the-space-upgrade/

    File types you can upload with and without the space upgrade are shown here: http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/07/what-filetypes-can-i-upload/

    veoh support as far as anything I can find isn’t likely but who knows.

    Flash, iframes and javascript cannot be embedded in your .com blog due to security concerns, and most of the players require you to embed one of those.

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