2 subject areas, both up-dated frequently – how?

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    soz, i’m brand new here, and trying to create a blog where i can maintain 2 different subject areas, frequently updating both.


    a personal blog AND a diary of events. What’s th best way to do this?

    * th personal blog has to have prominence over th diary ~ so if i add next month’s events into ‘Timetable Highlights, Amitabha Bristol’ it doesn’t appear above ‘lojong’, but somewhere else in my blog folk can find it. Like, ‘lojong’ is th main thing.
    (i tried making them into pages, but that doesn’t do th reverse order thing)

    * i’m using ‘delicate’ theme at th moment.

    thanks! it’s a bit urgent, BTW, tho i’m at work tomoz.

    The blog I need help with is jasbaku.com.


    The theme you’re using is Koi.

    If you’re brand new here you’re very good, because the way to do it is the way you’ve done it: assign your posts to the one category or the other, and use a custom menu that displays those categories.

    But your main posts page (by default, your blog front) will display your latest posts by date, regardless of category. If you don’t like that, the only thing you can do is create a static intro page and set that page as your blog front in Settings>Reading.



    thank you panag! most kind of you. after saying it was ‘urgent’, i couldn’t get back on th case due to an MS attack after work. such is life. thanks anyway.

    i do print design for my Buddhist centre, n i’d been working on their FB page for more than a year. i follow other blogs here as well. thisis my1st blog, tho :)

    back online now, so i’ll give it some thought.

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