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    I want to do a french version of my site http://www.sunkenrock.com.
    I’ve already purchased http://www.sunkenrock.fr but I wanted to know if it was possible to host it on the same storage space as http://www.sunkenrock.com?
    In short, instead of paying for the whole Pro bundle that I have yet to reach 1% of storage, I wanted to know if I could just pay for an additional mapping ?


    The blog I need help with is sunkenrock.com.



    You can add as many custom domains to your WordPress.com site as you wish. What you need is a Domain Mapping upgrade, and you can map your domain sunkenrock.fr following the steps outlined here (just for your reference, since you have a .fr domain, I went ahead and created a zone record file for you).



    I looked through these steps and it’s basically to change the url of the site, no?

    What I’m aiming to do is create a clone of my site but in another language and with additional info related to that language (french). So when going to http://www.sunkenrock.com it’ll lead to the english one and to the french one when going to http://www.sunkenrock.fr
    A link “Read in French/English” will connect the both.

    I could simly create a new set of pages specific to the language but I don’t want to keep the english front page’s update for the french version. As well, some link and widget are no longer relevant in the french version.

    In short, what I’m looking for is to host 2 sites (url) on the same pro bundle (exploiting unused space as the english one don’t even cover 1%).
    If it’s not possible I’ll purchase another pro bundle but I already have 2 sites using 2 pro bundle (26go storage) while only 900mo are used…



    Thank you for clarifying, I know I understand what you are looking to do.

    The Pro Bundle is per blog, and the Space upgrade is per blog, too, so you won’t be able to share those. What you can do is create a new blog (for the French version of your site), then add a Domain Mapping to it. What features of the Pro Bundle are you specifically interested in? You can add those individually, for example, if you only want the No Ads upgrade and Custom Design, you can purchase those instead of purchasing the Bundle.



    Thank you for your answer.

    I mainly wanted to be able to have the no ads and custom domain. But well, I’m not against purchasing another pro bundle I’ll do that.



    Sounds good. Let us know if you need any further assistance!

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