2 WordPress Sites, need to cancel one

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    I somehow managed to create two WordPress blogs: lyndsaysiegel.wordpress.com and lyndsaysiegel.com/wordpress

    Dreamhost is hosting lyndsaysiegel.com/wordpress blog, and lyndsaysiegel.wordpress.com is hosted by WordPress. I don’t want both blogs, only the one hosted by Dreamhost. Also, I can only seem to edit lyndsaysiegel.wordpress.com and not lyndsaysiegel.com/wordpress.

    I tried cancelling lyndsaysiegel.com/wordpress, but I’m worried that the other one will delete as well.

    I’m so confused! Can anyone help?


    P.S. I’m new to WordPress so please don’t assume too much

    The blog I need help with is lyndsaysiegel.wordpress.com.



    Hi. The blog hosted at DreamHost with the WordPress.ORGand the one hosted by WordPress.COM are two completely separate entities. So you shouldn’t worry: closing the WP.com blog will not close your WP.org blog. Here’s how to do it:

    This being said, I recommend you just make the WP.com blog private, in case you decide to use WP.com in the future, or to test new features.

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