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    I have a problem regarding domain mapping in one domain.

    I am developing a website in two languages (greek and english). After research in the forum and the internet, I have reached the conclusion that the best way to do this is to build two different blogs and link them (eg with a flag image that links to the corresponding blog).

    For the greek website, I have set domain mapping to the iconskarakallou.gr domain. In order to do this, I went to the settings of my domain registrar and used the 3 nameservers of wordpress. That leaves me with one more nameserver slot left in the settings (4 is the max number).

    I would like to have the english website at the en.iconskarakallou.gr subdomain. In order to link to a subdomain, I have to create a cname record in the settings of my registrar. To create a cname record, however, I need to have enabled the nameservers of my registrar (2 nameservers needed). Apparently 2+3=5 that is bigger than 4 (max number). Problem here.

    I contacted the support of my registrar and they told me that I should ask wordpress for some A records. That way I will use my registrar’s NS to enable the subdomain and using the remaining two slots, I will set the iconskarakallou.gr

    I would deeply appreciate your help.

    The blog I need help with is iconskarakallou.gr.


    To map the root domain name to WordPress.com you’ll need to change the nameservers to point here. Once you have that done though you’ll be able to add DNS entries like a CNAME with our custom DNS tool.

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