2000 images not importing automatically from wp.org to wp.com

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    I started working with Happiness Engineer Phil on this issue Friday, but I’m hoping I can get a little additional help on it before Monday when I presume he’s back from his weekend.

    I’m moving a website from wp.org software to wp.com, and I’m able to import all the pages, posts, etc. without difficulty. The problem is that none of my images are importing. Phil suggested that perhaps an extra-large file was timing out, so I shrunk it down to just 2 months – it was still nearly 4 MB. I imported the file even though those months were already in the database, but with no luck getting the new images. I waited about 24 hours, but no images.

    So tonight I deleted every post in those two months in order to clean out the posts in case that was a problem. Again I imported the WXR file, and again 30 minutes later I got an email saying “Import Successful.” When I checked those two months, the text content had been imported successfully, but none of over 100 images, pdfs, or other media from those two months had been moved over.

    Clearly this is not OK, as I’d like to shut down the old wp.org-based site server as soon as possible, hopefully before the next hosting bill comes due.

    I understand that the files should be importing automatically, but clearly that’s not happening, so I’m looking for other explanations. Could I have set some permission or lockout on my wp.org site that prevents the files from being moved?

    I have over 5400 posts over the last 5 years on my wp.org server, most of which have images, so it’s not practical to manually upload all the images and manually adjust the content of each post to point at the new image location (although I have a dump of the media files on my computer if someone at WP.com is in a position to FTP them into my images directory).

    Any help is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is scholarsandrogues.wordpress.com.

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