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20,000 hits!

  1. I've been blogging for almost exactly 7 months and I just passed the 20,000 hit mark. It feels like yesterday I was posting my 1,000 hit milestone.

    I think I might be a little too happy about it, but with the summer I've had, I have a right to be. Yay, me!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Congrats momfog!

    Here's to another 20,000!

  3. Congratulations! Well done and yes, you deserve to feel happy about it!

  4. Congrats! That is awesome!

  5. Thanks everybody!

  6. congratulations! How will you celebrate?

  7. WOW! Nice hob momfog! I will check out your blog too! ;)

  8. I am celebrating by going to work, waiting in car line for hours, and then cooking dinner. Fun times. :-)

  9. yay! Enjoy your day :)

  10. You're doing pretty good momfog!

    I haven't really paid attention to total hits on my blogs. I have to tendency to subtract at least 5-10% from the total because sometimes I sneak a peek at my blogs when...I'm logged out.

    I can't help it --there are certain posts where I love looking at certain photos. Brings back good memories. I know, crazy.

  11. Not crazy at all. I understand the inclination. I blog about a lot of things I will treasure later.

  12. Congratulations! That's a landmark number!

  13. how do you get so many hits? please give all you secrets away!

  14. @raincoaster Thank you.

    @hardworkingmama26 I'll give you one. Have 5 kids in 10 years and write about it.

  15. silvershadowfly

    Well done! I've been blogging a year and only got over the 2,000 mark.

    You really have done exceptionally well, also with having a child every 2 years - that's insane! =)

  16. Congrats! Just read your post "The Sweet Pickle Bus", really well written!

    20,000 hits, wow. I, conversely, have 13. One day, dammit. One day!

  17. wow nice!
    *checks his own time and hits*

    27 months... and 1980 hits..... wow.....
    Why doesn't anyone like my blog like they like yours:D?!

    (also how the hell can I reverse the order of posts)

  18. I'll have to check you're blog out. To get that many hits you must be doing a great job. I'll stop by soon.

  19. @rememberthisstuff Thanks! I think I had 10 hits on my first day.

    @demidemian I don't know how to reverse order, or how to do much of anything on the technical side of things. I'd check support. I also don't know why people don't like your blog ;-) because I can't see it. It's not connected to your username. I'd like to visit, if you'll leave a link.

    @pdykie I look forward to your visit.

  20. @momfog I have no idea why it is like that. But there's the link.


  21. @demidemian Did you say you've been blogging 27 months? I'm only seeing 3 posts.

    Just a thought. I don't know how to reverse order of posts, or even if it's possible. But you have the ability to make posts "sticky." . If your theme works like mine (Twenty-Ten) the sticky posts stay at the top. I'm not sure if you can control the order, but you might want to try it and see.

  22. greatlakessocialist

    Goodness gracious! Either your blog is extremely informative, relevant and/or whimsically amusing, or you've done a secret pact with the lizardmen!

    I suspect the latter. But I'm not sure.

    Momfog (if that is your real name), how on Earth, or whatever planet the devilish lizards hail from, are you so succesful?

  23. @momfog I have deleted posts that are too old :P

  24. @greatlakessocialist My blog is extremely informative, relevant, and whimsically amusing.

    And there's cake. (Lizardmen love cake.)

  25. The cake is a LIE!

  26. greatlakessocialist


    That rather confident. But I supposed I'd be confident if my blog had 20,000 hits and was sanctioned by the Lizardmen's integalactic empire. The cake probably helps too.

  27. greatlakessocialist


    Do not be a fool. Cake, like the proverbial hips, is incapable of lying.

  28. @greatlakessocialist (man get a shorter name) I have not claimed that the cake is lying :D

  29. greatlakessocialist


    I will not get a shorter name. It describes me vividly and suits my porpoise. Also I agree, semantically speaking, that the cake is not actually lying per se. Please explain yourself further. I am intrigued by the concept.

  30. @great....

    The cake is a LIE

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