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20,000 hits!

  1. Oh. Bothersome memes. There are too many to remember.

  2. Nice one I'm only on about 1500 but hopefully ill get to momfog status!

  3. @great I know, I don't keep up with them either, but I've played the game and thus I know of it :)

  4. @demi (See? I can play that game too)

    Don't get started on that. I've heard of that. It's a mental parasite.

  5. @great (but unlike you I'm not annoyed by it :D )

    :D University makes me playful

  6. @demidemian (annoyed? No. I'm just having an existential crisis, doubting whether in fact I'm writing this at all. You're probably not even real! I've never seen you before! Demidemian's not even a real name! I don't even know if I'm real. What if this is all an illusion? What if nothing is real? My God! What? Why am I invoking the name of a deity that I don't even know exists! Argh!)

    Haha, cool. So how's uni?

  7. @GreatLakesSocialist (pff go study quantum physics:D)
    I actually don't know. started yesterday with a few information classes and photography and freshmen's party (or as we're called in our country, foxes) today is basically a day off and lectures start monday. I'm totally lost because I have to set up my own classes and lectures and I have no idea how to do it. especially because the program that makes all the arrangements will be opened on the same day first lectures start and I'm sooooo lost.... ( psychology is what I'm going to learn )

  8. @demidemian. (If I do not believe in God how will I believe in tiny bouncing particles that begin with 'Q' and other arcane letters)

    Wow, sounds formidable. I'm off there soon. What country are you in? Australia for me.

  9. @GreatLakesSocialist quarks?
    Estonia :)
    you realize we've de-railed the whole thread?

  10. @demidemian. (Sounds like something off of Star Trek).

    Wow. Estonia? That's awesome. I'd like to visit that region one day.

    Ah well. I find inane babble more entertaining than statistics and grandstanding.

    I will continue to babble until told to stop sternly.

  11. @GreatLakesSocialist
    It's not like usually eastern-europe is portrayed here. It's quite modern. But still has this sense of warmness that big cities lack. although in the capital where I live ( Tallinn ) it is changing. I'm thinking of moving to a smaller town in the future, where there could be more friendly atmosphere... maybe raise a few cows and sheep , grow a forest, live off the nature. :)

    Damn I really should write my story, I thought I'd write a page a day, but it has been busy lately...

  12. @demidemian

    I reckon there's certain things about modernisation that shouldn't be embraced. Heaps more that should but... you know what I mean.

    The Baltic has always fascinated me, and living off nature there would be kind of awesome.

    Oh, and write when the feeling comes. It's what I do. Forcing tends to bring out poor quality in me.

  13. @greatlakessocialist

    I added you on msn , if you don't mind. you can always block me if i'm annoying and I won't be offended:D I'd just like someone to chat with who also writes and speaks English as a native tongue. I've had troubles with translating some sayings from my mind into english so I'd be happy if you could provide me some help once in a while :)

    I would read your blog too but I'm not in a reading mood either at the moment... I'm in a chatting mood mostly.... and listening to music mood.

    Yeah, living off the land is a good thing, but winters here are very cold and summers can be very hot ( by our standards that is ) and this is a recent trend. Some years ago the amplitude of temperature wasn't 50-60 degrees by celsius , but rather 30 - 35. This is one of the reasons I believe in the global things that I believe in. But I believe only in the things that I have experienced.

    About the TENEBRAE .

    I'm going write a few chapters here on wordpress and get a certain fanbase or readerbase and then write the whole book(s). That is my plan. I'm not planning on getting rich by writing, I just want to live off of writing.
    Money is to me, like blood is to a body. One needs blood, but doesn't live for it.

    Oh one last thing. I don't get along with commas, so I stick them where ever I pause my text. :)

  14. Just hit 2K

  15. Haha, that's awesome. Sure, I'd be happy to help/chat anytime. I'm not in a reading mood either. Will shortly be in an unconscious mood, if you can call it that. It's late downunder.

    I'm the same with money. I take no pleasure with amassing it, or any sort of decadence. I too would like to live off my writing. Travel the world then settle down somewhere rural.

    That sounds like a good idea for the book. I might do that with a little fiction I'm working on someday.

    As for commas. Punctuation is overrated.

  16. 2K?

  17. 2k hits on my blog

  18. I've only got 550. And its been a while...

  19. Congratulations Momfog! Some little part of the 20000 is from me too :)

  20. @greatlakessocialist and @ demidemian You do know it's possible to start your own thread on the Off Topic forums? You could start your own thread called "Inane Babbling" and watch the comments soar. While I find your conversation extremely interesting, especially the bit about punctuation (riveting stuff!), I'd hate to think people were missing out on it.

    @greatlakessocialist I had 542 hits on my busiest day. How's that for "statistics and grandstanding." :-)

    @sayali611 I appreciate it.

  21. I take my hat off to you! You have made my 20 views feel slightly insignificant haha.
    If anyone's up for helping another person hit 20000 views check out

  22. @joejames93 You're off to a good start. Keep writing and see how it goes.

  23. WOW! Thats awesome! congrats!

  24. Wow, congrats!!! I've been blogging for 10 months now and haven't even hit 10,000 hits. What's with that? what am I doing wrong?

  25. @momfog thanks for checking it out! Means a lot. Could you give me any tips on how you got your blog known and the best ways to spread the word? People say just keep writing which is deff true but I don't want a small readership if I choose to write about specific themes. Thanks again

  26. Sure, I can give you the links to the places I went when I had the same question. :-)

    WordPress Support

    Timethief (Awesome lady)

    You do need to keep writing so you'll actually have something to promote. In the beginning, I posted daily (minus weekends.) I don't think that's necessarily required, but at least 2-3 times a week is good idea. That's what I try to do now. Not only does it remind people you're alive, it's good for the writing quality, too. Practice makes perfect.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

  27. @momfog

    That is a truely marvellous idea. I guess that's why you've got such a widely viewed and succesful blog! Also, you seem very good at the whole grandstanding business. So good, that I'm barely restraining my Antiodean tall-poppy reflexes! But in all honesty you are a true success story, no doubt about it. Your lofty achievements set goals to which all young bloggers and writers can but merely aspire to. Keep up the good work.

  28. @greatlakessocialist Well, thanks for restraining those...whatever you said. Not 100% sure if you're sincere or sarcastic, but being me, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say "Thanks."

  29. @momfog

    Yes, there was a healthy film of sarcasm, as always with me, but the message is fundamentally sincere and congratulatory. :)


    As an Australian we have something called the tall poppy reflex. A natural psychological condition instilled in us which makes us rail against the succesful, especially those who broadcast their success. It's not always healthy, hence my efforts to suppress it.

    Google it, if you're interested in the humans interact with society, as I am, it will provide a stimulating read, and help you deal with us Australians better.
    PS. Thanks for those links you posted.

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