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20,000 views a day

  1. Are 20,000 views a day a high traffic blog?

    And will it earn a decent amount of money?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. portaltotheinternets

    The answers to your questions are "yes, relatively," and "maybe." From what WordPress staff has told us, revenue varies based on your audience's location and other factors. WordAds is still in beta so the predictability of earning levels isn't really known yet. The best rule of thumb seems to be $1 for 1000 views (so in your case, $20 a day), but that doesn't always hold true. The only way to know is by joining WordAds and seeing the results, although again, the program is in its early stages and things will probably develop/change a lot in the coming months.

  3. @nowfootball
    Please click this link
    Note how many times you have posted on this same issue. It's my opinion that your questions have been answered. Please stop creating duplicate threads and asking the same questions more than once.

  4. Well, eventually I got the answer I was looking for.

  5. That's great because I posted a link to the answer yesterday here but you kept posting again and again as if you were unable to use a calculator. Roughly speaking 1,000 views results in $1 American dollar.

  6. Thanks.

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