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2006 Weblog Awards Voting

  1. Voting is on for the 2006 Weblog awards and several blogs are up for awards.

    My quotes blog at is nominated in a category called "Best of the Rest 8501+" which is the category for blogs that almost no one links has linked to ( those that are ranked that high (bad) or higher (worse) in the TLB Ecosystem )

    Votes for are running #7 out of ten finalists in that category.

    You can vote once per day per category.

    I would appreciate it if people from here would go and vote for my site. I think it is probably one of the only sites with a chance of winning this year.

    Vote here:

    Thank you,

    The only other blog that I could find in the 450 finalists across 45 categories was this one: in the category

    If you have a blog in the finals, please let us know.

  2. i clicked on the vote here link, though i'm not sure if it works (on dial-up, and it doesn't say in the page thanks for your vote or an equivalent - maybe the page didn't fully load).

    would you pls update us on the competition after it's over?

  3. It comes up with a poll.

    Yours is Famous quotes, right? :)

  4. yes, Famous Quotes is mine here on WordPress.

    I have another one in there but it is a self hosted blog.

    It is not going well.

    Even with lots of votes from here, I am still only in 6th and 8th place.

    The top site has 311 votes and I have only 83 for one blog and 101 for famous quotes

    Oh well, there is always next year.

  5. Famous quotes, I just went over and voted for you. It is interesting that in the Finalist Links, when I clicked on Famous Quotes, I was linked to World Famous Recipes. When I clicked on World Famous Recipes, I was linked to your site. Tried it twice and it happened both times.

    Hope you win!

    Shirley Buxton

  6. Hi quotes,

    I voted for you and that part of the process seems fine. However, I did notice the same link mix-up that Shirley described in the Finalists Links section.

    Best wishes!

  7. Yes, The link mix up is a prolem and I have told them about it three times but they are not fixing it.

    I don't know why it got that way in the first place and can't imagne why they would want to leave it wrong.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  8. I voted. How does someone know if they're nominated? Are you notified?

  9. If you're like me you obsessively check the list of finalists the day they're posted and then you sulk for three straight days.

    But I'm SO OVER that now!

  10. The ones in best gossip blog are either on my blogroll or I visit them everyday, except Perez. :)

  11. The nominations were open to everyone, you could even nominate yourself. Nobody seems to have any idea how the finalists were chosen, but I'd guess a group of people went through the nominees and just picked their faves.

  12. @raincoaster:

    isn't that how all awards are chosen :)

  13. Voted for you Quotes.

  14. Ain't this spam? ;)

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