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    Hi all, I know I just posted this but for some reason it is showing the topic as resolved which it isn’t. In 2010, how do I just show the parent pages in the navigation? On INove, do I just change the order number in the pages to get the pages in the order I want them?

    The blog I need help with is bobdavcav.wordpress.com.


    In iNove, if you are not using a custom menu, then yes.

    In 2010 if you are not using a custom menu, then all parent pages should appear in the navigation automatically as long has they have been published. If you are using a custom menu, and have “automatically add top level pages” set, then again they should show up.


    Ok so custum menu is required. Also, in INove, I want the search box where it is right now, using 2010. How do I do this?


    To move the search widget up and onto the end of the menu bar would require the paid CSS upgrade (physically add the search widget to the sidebar first as it has to be in the sidebar for this to work). You can try the code below in the CSS editor and then preview it. After the preview opens you might have to refresh that page since the preview has been finicky lately.

    #search-2 {

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