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2010 Replies are posted as new comments.

  1. About one hour ago replies to comments stopped being replies, instead they are posted as new comments.
    What has happened, is this a new "upgrade" or is it a "feature" that has happened.
    It pretty much makes blogs with 200 to 2000 comments a day explode.

    Please fix this as soon as possible.
    Volcano Café

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you please post a link to the post this is happening on?


    It started little bit down, you will notice when one of our editors (GeoLurking started writing about it). There are also a few comments that slid upwards and ended up above where the problem started.

  4. Thanks. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  5. At Settings -> Discussion, you have your blog set to only nest comments 5 levels deep.

    If you try to reply deeper, the comment will be posted as a new comment.

  6. Hello macmanx!
    Normally it works fine, but the comment will of course be placed last in the fifth row.
    Now all of a sudden it is instead placed last and as a new comment, and that has never happened before.
    And to really boggle the mind, if we then post a new comment at the end, that comment ends up mid page...

  7. Also, when I posted a new post to try if that helped the problem was gone on that post.

  8. Is there any change in the comment behavior if you temporarily switch to a different theme?

  9. First of all I must admit that I do not have a clue about how to do that...

    Secondly, it solved itself with a new post. It is just that I have never seen anything this weird before, and it would wreak havoc if it had happened when one of the large volcanoes erupts and we get 2000 comments per day. Now it thankfully happened during a slow period.

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