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    My website, http://politicalisation.wordpress.com, has a banner that I am really quite happy with, but it looks silly having the title written above and the title in the banner. Is there any way to remove the title from the top, without paying for access to the CSS? Preferably without changing theme too, because I quite like the look of the 2010 theme.

    The blog I need help with is politicalisation.wordpress.com.


    No, you can’t remove it or hide it without the paid Custom Design upgrade. (You can delete it in Settings>General, but that’s bad for search engines.)

    If this is important to you, you need one of the themes that support hiding the text; see list here:


    Yeah, I still want the title in the title bar and search results, so removing it in settings probably isn’t the best idea…

    Do you know if there’s a theme the looks similar to 2010 that allows hiding the text?

    Thanks heaps for your response :)


    Actually, don’t worry. Just found the perfect theme.

    Thanks for your help :)


    You’re welcome. (Closest one is 2011, but as you found out it doesn’t have to be the closest one!)

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