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2010 Theme- twenty ten

  1. I cannot get my background picture to display: I have tried reloading it and I have tried just using a colour for the background - all to no avail.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try logging out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. If that doesn't work, try a different browser and see if that works.

    Also, what browser and browser version are you using.

  3. I have tried that to no avail.
    I have used firefox and chrome - on 2 different Macs - to no avail!

  4. Silly question, but are you sure that the image file has not been corrupted? Can you view it OK before uploading it?

  5. I deleted the image I was trying to use and just set a colour - that didn't change anything

  6. Your blog has a custom picture - a chocolate dog isn't one of the standard Twenty Ten images. The lettering is in the wrong place on the image - you need to make one the right size, 940 x 198 pixels.

  7. swoolrich,
    he is trying to set a <i>background</i> image rather than a <i>header</i> image. I am not sure why he has a problem as I have used background images without problems.

  8. Clear your history on your browser. Also try performing a disc-cleanup.

  9. @binskit
    Some issues that you encounter with your WordPress blog or account can be solved by changing your browser settings, refreshing the page, or clearing the browser cache and cookies. See here > The instructions for specific browsers are found here >

    Also note the accepted file types for images and be sure that your background image has to be one of the accepted extensions. Currently, you are permitted to upload the following file types to your blog (no upgrade required): .jpg; .jpeg; .png; .gif

    If your issue is not resolved then you will need Staff intervention.

  10. I don't think you have read my posts: the problem is not browser specific nor is it confined to one computer.
    That said: thanks for the input so far and I will reluctantly try deleting the chocolate lab - she's not merely a dog

  11. @binsit
    I see the partial face of the dog (choclate lab) in your header using both Firefox 3.6.9 and IE8. On the theme you use Twenty Ten the "background" amounts to a thin border on the sides and bottom of the theme only. Are you aware of that? I'm asking because I think you may believe you can upload an image that will be seen in the text in posts and pages and this is NOT the case.All that will be seen is two narrow strips, one on either side of the theme, and one across the bottom of the theme.

  12. thank you time thief - now I understand
    but what I don't understand is why my name is not aligning correctly with the menu items.........

  13. although I still cant see where on my site there is any background - as a border or otherwise

  14. @binskit,

    Do another header image and resize and crop it the exact size required for 2010 in an image editing program, as swoolrich suggests, 940 x 198 pixels, and then upload that image as a header. That is the only way to make certain things will align properly.

  15. tried that - no difference
    tried clearing the cache and the browser history
    nothing works

  16. Ok - I fixed it
    What I did was deleted all the CSS code junk having copied the original style sheet and pasted that into the CSS edit window

    Funnily enough when I tried to get fusion working bacxk the way I had that using this same method that did not work....still havent got the background I wanted but at least my choccy lab is back and the headings are in the correct spot

  17. thanks for the input

  18. Three comments.

    1. The header uploader does not work properly once you get the CSS upgrade and especially if you widen the theme. After doing custom CSS, you have to manually put the URL of the image you uploaded for your header into the appropriate section of the CSS.
    2. CSS is theme specific, so if you have customized a theme and then go to another one, you have to delete all the CSS from the edit window and click save stylesheet (with "add to existing..." selected.
    3. At wordpress.COM, never paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit window. It will in most cases mess things up. Only enter the exact selectors, and the exact attributes you are changing and make sure "add to existing..." is selected before saving.
  19. Are you saying that if I have the CSS upgrade then changing themes will not override changes I made to the CSS stylesheet of another theme?

  20. Changing themes will not start you off fresh: you have to clear out the CSS from your editing window. If you don't, the theme will try to apply the changes you've made and on a different theme it can all go out of whack very quickly.

  21. Aha

  22. Do you have to add CSS code at a particular place or can you just tack it on anywhere

  23. Like tsp says, ONLY put into the window the changes you want made to the existing CSS, you don't paste the whole thing in there. Just paste the changes into the window; the order doesn't matter as long as they are clear in which lines of code they apply to, Header code to header, body to body, etc.

  24. I don't understand what you mean by header code to header

  25. Do you need to locate that part of the CSS code in the editor that relates to the header, for instance

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  27. Thank you
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