2011 header will not allow me to upload own picture

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    Hi there,
    Im new to wordpress and have my site all set up, save for the 2011 header.
    Whenever I try to upload a picture, a window on my Mac opens that says “You have chosen to open themes.php which is a plain text file…” I click a button, something downloads, which happens to be a plain file in TextEdit. And back to my dashboard, nothing has happened.
    I am not very internet savvy, and can only work with whats in front of me, and don’t understand codes – what can I do?
    Thanks alot!

    The blog I need help with is mashmollusc.wordpress.com.



    The only accepted file types for image uploading are these ones:

    To save an image from the web, right-click (if you’ve got a two-button mouse) or Ctrl-click (hold down the “Ctrl” key and then click) on the image and then select “Save Image to Desktop”. The original image format will then be save to the Desktop or your designated downloads location. You can also click and drag the image from your browser window to the Desktop.



    Hi Time Thief,
    The problem still persists. I have cleared my cookies and cache, and still that little window appears on my Mac after I have uploaded a picture for the header.
    All my pictures are taken by me, and what I don’t understand is that I have uploaded this same picture before, as the featured picture on one of my blogs.
    What would you suggest I do next?
    Thanks so much for your help!



    PS: and all files are jpg files.



    Have you tried any of the tips here?

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