2011 Showcase and Featured Image questions

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    Hello! This is my first help question, I’m new to this whole thing. Basically, I am trying to customize my site as much as possible without knowing CSS or purchasing anything.

    On my homepage (not my blog page) I am attempting to post a single photo, have it appear really big on the screen, and above it have the featured articles linked via sticky. I can only get the photo to appear really big in Showcase (not default or sidebar), and the featured posts appear under the photo, rather than above, and it looks quite bad.

    I would also like the featured articles to appear on the blog page in the large image/text format, but it can only do it to the main page, from my understanding.

    So, basically I’m wondering if I am not doing it correctly, or what else I can do? Possibly there is another theme that can access this easier? Any tips or help would be awesome, let me know if I am not stating things clearly I’m getting used to all the language!

    Thanks! :)

    The blog I need help with is eclecticperspective.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,
    I recommend reading this > Twenty Eleven


    Hi timethief,

    so I checked out that link and it helped some. I am now trying to get the “featured image slide reel” on the top page of my posts page, which is not my main page. I can’t figure out how to do it…but it seems like it should be able to be done.

    Any thoughts?


    I actually just figured this last post out, woot!

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