2011 sticky post featured images jumping and re-dimensioned

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    I use fabulous 2011 theme with the showcase template for the home page. Problem is the featured images of sticky posts jump all over the place instead of aligning to the right below the clickable dots. Moreover 2 of them get their dimensions reduced. All 5 images were sized 338 x 450px and properly optimized for screen before upload. Trashed and reupped the images twice but jumping and unwanted resizing persist. Also the “More” button does not work on the home page inspite of repeated updating.

    The blog I need help with is susanchalkley.wordpress.com.


    For the above feature to work correctly you need to upload a decent amount of text together with the featured images. That will make the images stay correctly on the right hand side of the showcase page underneath the clickable dots and images will not be made smaller. In a first moment I had put online articles which contained only the images and a title –> images jumped and got resized.


    @susanchalkley: Please post the web address at where this is happening and we’ll be happy to give it a look. Cheers!

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