2011 Theme – Internet explorer incomatibilities!

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    Morning All,

    Just about done with this website now and was checking it through the different browsers and lo and behold! In internet explorer the bottom widget area comes out strangely. Instead of being Left to right, it places the third widget area under the second…. any ideas?

    Also the image on my home page is looking very stretching in IE but not in firefox…

    Any thoughts or suggestions helpful.

    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is creativecomms.co.uk.


    Sorry, the site linked to your username, http://creativecomms.co.uk/ , is set to private which means we volunteers cannot take a look.

    On the image issues looking bad in IE, each browser renders differently, so any one site is not going to look the same on all browsers.

    And what version of IE are you talking about?


    Sorry site now available to all :) I am using IE 8 I think.

    Another couple of issues popped up – now in Firefox (latest edition) my home page seems to have great bulk text saying NEXT POST over my HTML based header. I changed the blog into a more website looking thing by making the 1st page static. This only happens in Firefox – is it some glitch?

    Lastly: How do I get a short blurb under my sites listing on google searches? Other sites have http://www.sitenamehere.co.uk and then a blurb about the site/. Mine doesnt is there any way to edit this?

    Thanks very much in advance!



    I just switched to Twenty Eleven last weekend & a friend of mine told me the pictures on my blog looked elongated also. I thought maybe it was her monitor but I just emailed her to see which version of IE she is using. It looks fine to me in both IE9 & Firefox. Yours looks fine also in IE9 and I also see 3 widget areas.



    When I put your website name into google, I see plenty of blurbs:

    Creative Communications
    Attention: this legal notice applies to the entire contents of this website under the domain name http://www.creativecomms.co.uk (the “website”) and to any …
    About | Creative Communications
    Creative Communications. Consultancy and courses to equip businesses with … as one of the UK’s leading social media advocates for the built environment. …
    Blog | Creative Communications | Consultancy and courses to equip …
    1 day ago – Creative Communications. Consultancy and courses to equip businesses with … It is particularly popular in the UK, with London having more …
    Social Media Workshop | Creative Communications
    Creative Communications. Consultancy and courses to equip businesses with the … a fully optimised company page, including adding products and services, links, … regulary throughout the year in different locations throughout the UK. …


    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm this is odd – I dont see any blurbs apart from the visitor agreement one – which is hardly the best one to have on my site! Which browser were you using MMADFAN?


    I’ve tweaked Twenty Eleven to prevent large-size images from stretching in IE8. Let us know if you see any other image wonkiness.

    Also, I found some stray div tags in the footer text widgets on the Creative Comms blog. They were responsible for shifting around the footer area. I’ve cleaned those up for you and everything looks like it’s working as it should.

    I hope that helps!



    Hey Themeshaper. I’m loving the theme, but also have IE image issues – in the sidebars on both my showcase page and blog roll – vertical stretching (images doing yoga?). No problems in Firefox or Chrome.

    Is there something I should be doing to fix this? Or does it require your intervention?


    I don’t use IE, but one reader commented on an issue with IE so I decided to check and virtually every theme I tried created problems to view in IE. Have no idea what version of IE it was though. I found one them that is not too bad, but it leaves the banner at the bottom of the page!



    I used both Firefox 5.0.1 and IE8 to view your blog. When viewed using IE8 I can confirm that the header image is indeed at the very bottom of the page.


    @bizarrebitesofbrazil, contact staff directly and either reference the following W3C validation report or reference the URL of this thread and tell them about the issue. I’ve looked through the markup for your posts on the main page and see absolutely nothing wrong with them, so there must be something messed up with the theme. Perhaps an upgrade to the theme that went awry.

    http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ . Search for anything, scroll to the bottom, click the “no” button and the contact form will appear.


    Sorry, I forgot the link to the validation report.



    With the original theme I used, Spectrum, I couldn’t see any text at all using IE, so I was forced to change it because I know people do use IE.



    IE9 is only available to those who have Windows 7. There are many using IE8 and will be for some time to come.



    thanks for that


    You are welcome. All themes here should view properly in IE7, 8 and 9. IE 6 and before though are no longer supported here since they were obsolete many, many years ago and they are holding the web back.



    I wonder if you could do me a favour. I’ve just reverted to my original theme and I wonder if you could have a look and let me know how it appears in IE for you?



    Sorry @projectbookjames, I wasn’t subscribed to this topic as it’s been a busy week. I was using Firefox 5.0 and searched in google for your url. (And the “visitor agreement” is an unfriendly one to have showing. I’d click away as soon as I saw it lest my mere eyeballs violated the agreement! ;P )


    @sacredpath. Sorry, I changed back. I didn’t want to ruin my blog for too long.


    Sorry, I don’t have IE. I had Windows installed on my Mac via BootCamp, but doing an update on windows a while ago produced the blue screen of death and instead of reinstalling and going through days of updates on XP, I just deleted the BootCamp partition.

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