2011 theme post question please help

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    Just got going …..
    I am using 2011 theme
    The side bar displaying widgets stays there when viewing a static page
    but when I select a post from a category the side bar with widgets disappears and the post take up all the space???

    I really want my side bar with widgets on view all the time.

    Been experimenting with post formats but all that seems to do is change how the post is displayed in the category’s window ???

    I really hope 2011 theme will allow me to have the side bar on show all the time or is 2010 the theme I need instead??

    Any help is massively appreciated

    Cheers everyone


    P.S – Loving wordpress

    The blog I need help with is katfactor.wordpress.com.



    2011 cannot display the sidebar on the single-post view. You need a different theme.


    Thanks very much “Justpi”
    I will use 2010 theme instead



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