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    How do I get rid of the ‘speech bubbles’ in my posts page? They are large and clutter up an otherwise clean page. The demo doesn’t have them

    Also how does one know all the classes in the theme?
    eg http://twentyelevendemo.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/pull-quotes-in-twenty-eleven/
    there’s one, what else?
    There’s no manual or anything



    1) The demo doesn’t have them because its posts have no comments. Do you have the Custom Design upgrade? (Please link to the blog in question when asking questions here: the blog linked to your username isn’t using 2011.)

    2) See here:



    Have you purchased a custom design upgrade and is this a CSS editing question thread?
    What is the URL starting with http:// for the blog in question?

    Search results > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/twenty-eleven-comment-bubble-1?replies=2



    I am not using this theme, I was testing it then reverting to my old theme. I’m going to clone my site somewhere to test until I work out how it all works.

    I haven’t any upgrades. I guess it’s only an option for the css upgrade then?

    That wpbtips site is great info!



    Also, to use the showcase if I sticky every single post (about 400 of them) will this cause unintended issues?
    I want a slideshow like modularity-lite, which I’d use but it has no headers in posts.



    “1) The demo doesn’t have them because its posts have no comments.”

    Actually did a quick test and no comments will still give an empty bubble just no number inside.



    You can’t remove the bubble without the Custom Design upgrade.

    • Yes, things will probably break if you sticky 400 posts. Why would you want to do that?
    • If you’re looking for a featured posts slider, Twenty Eleven isn’t the only or the best option: there are other, possibly more interesting themes, for instance Nuntius or Oxygen. If you’re looking for a featured posts slider plus alternative header images on single posts, the other theme that offers this combination is Splendio.
    • Also, there are themes that showcase your posts/photos in a different way: check Imbalance 2 and AutoFocus.

    Sorry, my wording wasn’t clear: there are no comment bubbles on the 2011 demo because commenting is disabled.



    re b)

    What I want is normal posts have featured image as header
    then I have variable height headers for the front or posts w/o featured image.

    Then I want a static front page and separate posts page. I want a slideshow like modularity-lite on the front page. Now I’ve worked out it’s not possible already and it must be on the posts page so that’s out.

    Failing that I want the front page to have a large header, really big, and some intro text down bottom like a proper business site (vs a blog).

    But that means only front page can use that header, ie it should really be a featured image but they don’t have variable sizes.

    I have looked at Oxygen and really like it, except for 3 col and also featured image on posts page (and deletes any floating image I had on post)

    Maybe I should look at it from another way. I need a businesslike front page. Menu for blog posts, and other pages.
    Front page should have a really big image on it.



    For my needs:

    Splendio looks a bit toylike with the colors.
    nuntius I don’t like the maroon bar and no header image

    having a test of AutoFocus and Imbalance 2 now



    Variable height header images are possible in Twenty Eleven.

    If you want a slideshow on a static front page, you can use the WP slideshow or a 3rd-party slideshow in the content of the page. But it’ll be just a slideshow, it cannot link to posts.

    Agree about Splendio.

    Nuntius does support a header image (but not featured header images), and the color of the header area (as well as the color of the links) is customizable.



    AutoFocus blog page is great. Too bad it’s not usable on mobile device. It’d be great if I could setup a page in another theme (Twenty Eleven?) where I have tiles like AutoFocus. Eg now it’s Jun I’d make a tile page for my May posts and publish it.

    Imbalance 2 not so suitable I think.

    Seems like Twenty Eleven is it, maybe. I wonder why some themes insist on having page titles smaller than h1, or h1 smaller than h2, or h2 smaller than paragraph text etc.

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