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2012: Warning

  1. 2012 is rapidly approaching.
    Make sure you acquire all necessary basics for at least two weeks endurance after 12 21 2012. There may be a possible panic 3-4 days before 12 21 2012 due to fear and confusion. Even though notthing may happen, a run on grocery stores and survivalist outlets may leave these sites denuded of goods. This is also 3 days before Christmas, which could cause such a buying spree to go unoticed.
    It would be wise to slowly accumulate what is needed by starting the first week in November 2012. Do this very slowly so as not tp precipitate the very crisis anticipated. You will have 6 weeks to collect your two week assemblage of the basics. Better to be wise and safe than sorry.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Now what time zone will that happen in? There was a bit of confusion last time round.

  3. @Noirciplume - you had me in stiches with that one line!

  4. idiotphotographer

    Noriciplume, I love you just for that one comment.

  5. It's a rather good question though! I shall be waiting patiently for the answer.

  6. It's a great question and I'm lol :D while waiting for the response.

  7. I heard that the end of the world splits the earth in melon piece sized segments started from the pacific according to time zone. Earth melon! Yum!

  8. strawberryindigo

    The last time the world ended I was caught unaware and I didn't even notice it. This next time I will be more prepared. I'm having my camera ready, with extra batteries.

  9. Just don't start that shopping frenzy stocking up on your extra batteries, strawberry!

  10. strawberryindigo

    I'm getting the extra super-duper ones and I'm using a coupon! I plan on hoarding all the batteries, and everyone will have to come to me for all their small electronic needs after the world ends. haha.

  11. Zarin,
    I'm afraid you're going to be publicly flogged. People come here and post similar posts and they're trolls or spammers. It's probably a better idea to encourage people to prepare for an emergency than it is to prepare for Armegeddon. :-(

  12. @strawberryindigo
    Ha! ha! I'm with you. :D

  13. dribblingpensioner

    It's not happening here on earth, its just in Zarin's own world where ever that is.

  14. strawberryindigo

    I have a bunker and all the batteries. When the end of the world begins I will invite in, and thus save from ultimate destruction, only those who are nice to me and who are fun and don't call me names..I'll be bringing the ice cream too.

  15. dribblingpensioner

    I'm nice to anyone who has a bunker, the world needs bunkers :)

  16. For those who do not pay attention to my warning...good luck.
    Even if nothing happens, there are still many people very concerned about events around this date. It is reasonable to expect both confusion and some panic to arise near 12 21 2012. No one can guarantee that nothing will or will not happen. But a public reaction to the unknown is quite likely. As I said before. Be wise, be safe and don't be sorry. Two weeks of additional basics is always a good precaution against the unknown. At any time.

  17. For the wag who wanted to know the time zone...Ha Ha
    If any danger does come, the time zone will depend on where such an event occurs. And the nature of time in Earth's time zones being the way they are set up, it could occur today, yesterday or tomorrow (all within a 1 minute period as yesterday moves into today and today moves into tomorrow). There is a point called the international dateline where this phenomenon occurs.
    If the phenomenon is a planetary wide event, the time zone will not matter.
    And for those who refer to the 2000 computer failure prediction, that was only suggested by one system or theory. The input on 2012 is coming from many systems of information, including Science, I Ching, The Maya, Buddhism, the Bible code, the Tarot, Webot and Fibonacci. One thing is absolutely for sure. On 12 21 2012, our solar system will line up with the center of the Galaxy, an event that occurs every 26,000 years. No civilization of record can inform us of what to expect. Therefore, we will have to discover the consequences, if any, of such a rare astronomical event on our own.

  18. I'm going to be pissed if I get hit by a bus on 12 20 2012.

  19. If he is correct, we could be left with a Zombie Apocalypse, afterward.
    please visit my post:

    on post zombie apocalypse awareness.

    thank you.

  20. Well, one thing is for sure. Humanity would not be the same if a worldwide catastrophe happens. A collapse of worldwide civilization might easily occur....with an end to food storage, preservation and delivery. This would most assuredly be an Apocalypse. Whether or not this produces "Zombies" is questionable. However, cannibalism might become commonplace among those who made no effort to protect or insure their food supply. "Survival of the fittest" as Darwin would have said. A recipe book on how to prepare "pork" might become a useful addition for those not so picky about what they eat.

  21. dribblingpensioner

    @ noirciplume, your a wag, how are you going to live with that, going through the rest of your life being a wag :)

  22. I have written extensively on the subject of 2012. This information may be currently accessed at in the section on 2012. Additonal related material may be found under Tarot as well. Also at my personal blog of
    I plan to post much of this material here at word press over the coming year. My purpose is to provide information. You may choose to read or reject this material as you wish. I am reasonably confident that this will create both controversy and agreement.

  23. @ dribblingpensioner: Well I've had worse days. I've always fancied being married to a rich footballer. Oh to be the next Victoria Beckham. Can't be that bad..can it? ;D

  24. The dictionary defines a "wag" as a joker. Someone who makes fun of everything and anything. We tend to pay the best of the "wags" a lot of money and call them comedians. When people stop having a sense of humor, the world will be in very deep trouble. Thank the Great Mystery for all wags. And please keep it coming.

  25. ooOOOoo I want to grow up to be a wag. Also a nihilist. I'm not sure that that particular calendar means that the world will come to an end, but if it does, I'm listening to Justin Beiber exactly one time the night before. In case I'm responsible for the end, I'm sorry in advance.

  26. If you come to England, a wag is a slang term for Wives and Girlfriends of footballers.

  27. @ noirciplume I'm in England, but new. In the US, it's a term for something you do with a tail. Which, come to think of it, sounds remarkably like how you've described the UK version.

  28. Please don't come to England though.

  29. I think there should be a dictionary for slang useage all over the world. People might be very surprised at how their daily use of common words (or uncommon ones) might be interpreted by others. A "fag" originally arose from logs burned in fires in England and was later used in reference to a cigarette. Now apparently among some circles "God" hates cigarettes and burning wooden logs. Go figure?

  30. @ zarin2 I couldn't agree more. I've been in England exactly 16 days today and have made more mistakes using my native language than I ever did on the SAT.

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