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2012: Warning

  1. I hope it's a saying.

  2. Well, I just Google-d it and it's not coming up. But if it's NOT a saying, I vote we MAKE it a saying. I have a wonderful idea now for a story about a character born to survivalist patents that spits wood. Powerful stuff. (My typos aren't as fun)

  3. It was a typo. I have recovered from a head injury and what it left me with is dyslexia as well as being visually challenged. I frequently don't "see" the errors I make and my app does not always pick them up. Typically it does not pick up the "r" in "your" when I really meant to type "you". Recovering has been a humbling experience for a former perfectionist.Every day I detect mistakes after they are made and cringe but I refuse to crawl in a hole and burn with shame. I will continue to blog!

  4. P.S. patents rather than parents and spit wood ... I am laughing and I hope you are too. :D

  5. Yay! Continue to blog. And please continue with the typos. That was so cute.

  6. haha patents that spits wood. Has to be a healthier option than chewing tobacco

  7. I've heard of spitting nails but not wood - my hat is off to ya, Thief. I've spent a few years in Canada, so I'm not sure that I'd mess with you anyway.

    You keep on blogging - we look forward to the results. :)

  8. What's with Canada? People there are more prone to spit wood there than anywhere else? I can see a big Samoan but Canada? Oh Canada...

    <*(/////)~ --> that's an earless, legless armadillo

  9. @ardpete, gigisanchez, noirciplume, ukate
    Thanks for having a sense of humor about this. Another thinkng I have now is the missing letter or word -- arrggghhh!

    I'm the feisty type who doesn't give up easily. Some days I'm laughing at my errors and others I'm bawling but I'm still in the game.

    P.S. We backwoods Canucks are tough stuff for sure but I've yet to see anyone here spit wood. Most use an axe and some use a maul: a heavy often wooden-headed hammer used especially for driving wedges; also : a tool like a sledgehammer with one wedge-shaped end that is used to split wood. I'm a small person so I use a maul when I split rounds. I prefer leaving the cord wood to my husband to split. I like splitting kindling with a hachet: a short-handled ax often with a hammerhead to be used with one hand, especially if it cedar because it splits so easily.

  10. **facepalm** "thinkng " was meant to be "thing" ... SIGH

  11. oh ok, the backwoods. That makes more sense. I spent 6 months in a tent once and a couple of brawny men told me how I strong I was for surviving crazy weather and not pulling up my tent. But I never spit wood.

    TT, I see a new blog... "Timethief's Typo's"

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