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2012 Writing, Blogging, Personal Life Updates

  1. I thought it might be kind of cool for there to be a Thread where we could Updates on our Writing, our Blogging, and if we like, our Personal Life. Now I know Most don't get all that Personal, but say whatcha like... You could even make something up? lol

    Anyway, I'll start

    Writing;Well, 2011 saw my return to Writing, as I went at it like a Locomotive upon Reentry... And though my Word Count dropped a bit in December (as to be expected), it is starting to rise again. I'm currently spending a bunch of time Researching, and Pursuing Self Publishing, which has been pretty cool.

    Blogging;I'm just starting to get my Blog Series going again, which has been interesting, trying to keep those Stories Alive and Well.. I've started a New Fantasy Novel that I conceived in December, and have kind of given my other Fantasy Novel One Knight a rest for the moment.
    I've been Writing a lot of Editorial, which has been cool... And really enjoying The Dark Globe which is my Primary Outlet for that.

    Personal Life; I did have a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal recently, that was quite good, lol. Other than that, January has been pretty quite as far as "Life Changes" or "Notable Occurrences" go.

    How about you?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Wow, typos, I must not be quite awake yet

    Lets see *Give Updates... **Has Been Pretty Quiet

  3. Writing: Got paid for my first writing job today

    Blog: Wrote my first blog today

    Personal: And old married lady, no changes in personal life is a good thing:)

  4. Writing: I'm not exactly a writer. Although I do enjoy writing in my personal journal with my fountain pen.

    Blogging: So very behind on my blogging. Too many photographs to edit.

    Personal Life: Currently on vacation in Hong Kong. I get back on the 17th. I actually cannot wait! It's been way too long.

  5. Writing- Started to 'do' my blog again in earnest. Had a short story published on a book review site's advent calendar at Xmas. Now hoping for bigger things in 2012.
    On a personal front, I live alone but I'm most definitely NOT lonely and I love it.
    And I am hoping to have SOMETHING published this year if only a short for an anthology.

  6. Interesting thread idea. :)

    Writing: This week? Atrocious haiku and tanka.

    Blogging: I've been on the hunt for other fiction writers on WordPress (preferably those that post primarily only writing to their blog, versus "real life" posts). I don't know too many people on here and would love to connect with other writers, but it's such a big community that it's hard to know where to begin!

  7. Writing: I am going through another writers block phase...

    Blogging: I will be posting photos soon.

    Personal: Eh, I hope things get better.

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