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2014 theme

  1. hi!I am looking in to a possibility to chenge the theme ,in to 2014for next year.but the header space should be wider,to match my current it possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, Twenty Fourteen has a suggested header size of 1260px x 240px. My test blog has Twenty Fourteen active with a header image right now and you can take a look at it at it here.

  3. yes i like that.How do i do it?

  4. Take a look at our support document on Custom Headers for more information on uploading and using a custom header image.

  5. yes i know that,but i would need a wider space for my header

  6. How wide is your header? Can you upload it to your media library and then give us a link to it? This would likely require widening of the theme itself if your header image is greater than 1260px in width.

  7. hi!!!here it is the header

  8. That is only 1000px in width. I would suggest editing that image in your image editing program and resize it to 1260px in width. That will make it a little taller than it is now, but the header area height can be adjusted with CSS. Since the header image is going to be non-standard in height, you would not use the header uploader, but instead add the header image in via CSS. When you decide to make the switch to Twenty fourteen, we can help you with that.

  9. first of all, thank you very much, for your kind help,much appreciated.Im beginning to apprecciate more the world of css!,and rnjoying it!!is this the correct or,does it has to be bigger?i would like to switch theme,at the beginning of the new year!!

  10. A narrower width header image can be put in via CSS, but it might not look as good since the header area is actually designed for a 1260px wide image. The theme could also be narrowed down to compensate for the narrower header image. All that is doable with CSS.

  11. firstly,o try to adjuts the header

  12. away a couple of days,will give you the header when i return.happy new year

  13. away a couple of days,will give you the header when i return.happy new year

  14. hello, and happy new year++++sorry im is the new header

  15. im ready to switch theme

  16. You can add your header to 2014 just as it is. When you click the button to set it as the header image and it takes you to the cropping step, click the "use as is and skip cropping" button.

  17. thanks i will try

  18. You are welcome and please let us know if you have any problems or additional questions.

  19. Hello!!i was making some adjustments on my css,Without saving i cant remember the code html to use for changing the comment backround can you give me it please?and is there a code to display the best commenters?i am keeping this theme for now thanks

  20. Thanks,

  21. I don't see any comments on any of your pages, but if you want to add a background color to the comment section on Fontfolio, this will do it.

    .comments-area {
        background-color: red;
        padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px;
  22. thanks but i need light purple like the bacjround not red

  23. resolved

  24. You are welcome.

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