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  1. I happen to really like v2.7. Go figure.

  2. @ justjennifer wrote: "About input area size in the HTML Editor, I accidentally discovered that if you increase the number of lines overall, it also affects the HTML Editor [...] I have mine set at 25, but try larger.

    It simply hadn't occured to me that increasing the number of lines in Settings>>Writing>> would also increase the depth of the html editor because I had always assumed that whilst the size of the RT editor was adjustable by dragging the corner, that the line depth of the html editor was fixed - and that this was a real pain for blogs which tend towards lengthy posts). Thank you, justjennifer, that is so useful to know!

  3. Well, I've customized it, getting rid of the stuff I never use, which helps.

    I could live without customisation completely since you don't need it, you REALLY don't need it if everything just stayed where the hell it was. Then you can find whatever you want. WordPress can change the colour and font, imprive the functioning, do whatever they want with it, but if you just keep the g*dd*amn stuff in the same place nobody would have to spend a day headaching over where the hell everything is suddenly.

  4. mookiealexander

    I have been working on a post and I notice I don't see any auto-save feature. I have to save it manually now and it takes a while.

    Other than that I think 2.7 is great.

  5. Autosave as I understand it is still there, but it has been reworked considerably to be more invisible to the users. I just started a new post and after putting in the title it autosaved (the "save" button grayed out for a couple seconds).

  6. Yup, it is definitely still there. I typed in a few sentences and it autosaved after about a minute.

  7. "I happen to really like v2.7. Go figure."

    I agree 100%. v2.7 is way better than the previous version.

  8. gravatariscancer

    I just posted, and noticed that the tags and categories were combined, and the post not even listed in the usual categories on WordPress. One of the tags was missing all together as well. I guess were just the guinea pigs to help work out the bugs.

  9. Is there a way to increase the edit space? I cannot see what I am doing.

  10. Are you using the Quick Press feature on the main Dashboard? You can also write posts by clicking on the New Post button at the top of the page which takes you to the normal publishing page. You can increase the size of the editing space here by dragging the bottom left corner of the box (this only works in Visual mode).

  11. You can also change it permanently by going to settings > writing and increasing the number of lines to show in the editor.

  12. with this stupid new version I can only see HTML in my panel.

    That's why I can can't resize images dragging the mouse now.

    Also, the arrows Undo and Redo desapeared as well.

    This is totally a step back.

  13. @garzonada,

    Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and try again. It sounds as if you are getting some old files loading from your cache.

    Also, users > your profile and make sure that "Disable the visual editor when writing" is NOT selected.

    On the image resizing, what browser/version are you using?

  14. No, 2.7 doesn't suck, it's just different. But I do feel obliged to chip in and say that the new interface is pretty unusable on a laptop (IOW on a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768).

    I have a draft I want to finish, but there are a couple of problems.

    I've tried turning off all the widgets in the right hand column, but the edit textbox gets squashed by about a quarter of its nominal width, and it no longer appears to be resizable.

    Secondly, I can't even see how to save the damned post after any changes. I miss the "save draft/publish" hyperlink from the old version that used to live along side the edit box. I know there's an autosave, but I want to force a save when I'm ready for it.

    I emptied out my browser cache and history and restarted my session, but this hasn't changed anything.

    One other thing:

    The vertical scrollbar in the Draft edit pane does not respond to the mouse. But the up and down arrows at the top and bottom of the scrollbar respond normally. This may be an interaction with Firefox, I don't know. I'm using FF 3.0.4 with no other plugins apart from Adblock Plus.

    Hopefully these are just teething problems that will be sorted out in the next couple of days.

  15. roxanaiordache

    @panaghiotisadam. No, I used it only once. Thanks, but I didn't really get it. Why a thing has to be complicated when it used to be plain?! :roll:

  16. The sticky post feature was changed precisely because it wasn't plain to many people. We had a lot of people in the forums who had misunderstood and misused the feature. The new system makes that a lot harder to do.

  17. @dlandgren,

    You can put the publish section below the text area. Simply drag it down there and release it. You can then drag it into the order you want. When working with drafts, you will have a "save draft" button near the top left and a "publish" button near the lower right. If the section isn't open, simply click on the blue bar to open it.

    You can also collapse the left hand navigation down to just the icons and then when you hover your mouse over the icons, a pop-up will appear with the selections for that section. That will help you out with the screen width real estate issue.

    Did you also clear your browser cookies? That seems to have an effect as well.

    On the scroll bars, what browser are you using and what version? I am on Mac and in both FF 3.0.4 and in Safari 3.2 the scroll bars work when I click on the arrows with my mouse, and also when I grab the scroll bar and move it up and down.

    It can help staff out a lot if you give us a few more details so they can chase these issues down.

  18. I'm also running at 1024x768, and would like a wider editing area; at least for me, the panes on the right are wider than they need to be, and I'd rather have that space for the editor. I do have the left navigation minimized and know that I can put everything else below, but I tend to save and preview often and don't want to have to scroll to reach them, and if they're below, I have to scroll. I didn't keep my browser at full screen before, and was comfortable with the editing area, and now even at full screen it feels too narrow.

    If you're editing an existing post, it will say "Update Post" instead of save, which threw me for a minute.

    I'm on XP with FF 3.0.4 and have no problems with the scroll bar in the editor (wheel, arrows, clicking the bar, dragging)

  19. Don't y'all like change? I love change! The new 2.7 dashboard design doesn't 'suck' after all! I like how I could customize my 'Dashboard' with the 'Screen Options'. Everything else is straighforward. Thank you.

  20. zabez, you can drag the right-hand boxes (Publish, Tags, Categories) to a different part of the screen to allow more space for the editor.

  21. @thesacredpath, I didn't realise that the publish widget was draggable (and that that's where the Save button lives). Thanks, that's perfect. This allows the edit box to stretch to the full width of the screen and is thus eminently usable. I also discovered the fullscreen editing mode; something I'd never noticed before.

    As to the scrollbar issue, I'm using 3.0.4 on WinXP, and it reports itself as "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008102920 Firefox/3.0.4 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)"

    When the edit box is full width (LHS icons collapsed, RHS widgets placed below the edit box, the vertical scrollbar is fully functional.

    If I push the Publish widget back to the top (while the LHS is collapsed), it overlaps the edit box slightly, and the scrollbar becomes semi-dysfunctional again: only the down arrow reacts. The bar and scroll pane don't react at all.

    If I collapse the LHS, the Publish widget no longer overlaps the edit box and the scrollbar is functional. I lengthen the edit pane, and I was able to click on the scrollbar background and the contents scrolled. The bar comes into view from behind the Publish widget, so I grab it to try and move it around. It doesn't respond. And then I try clicking again on the scrollbar background and it no longer reacts.

    In summary: no problems whatsoever when either the LHS or RHS (or both) are collapsed. The problems only appear when both are expanded.

    It feels to me like a z-index issue and maybe another div is capturing the focus?

  22. A lot of responses here, to people who loathe 2.7 (and with some justification, I might add), are variations on the theme of "That's your fault." Er, no, it's not - just because they don't share the majority, almost entirely uncritical, view of 2.7, doesn't make them wrong.

    I know how 2.7 works, I've taken the time to learn it - hell, it's not hard - I don't like it and I never will. Very little is actually better, but a huge amount is different. Change, if not for the sake of improvement, is change for its own sake, and that's rarely a good thing.

    Yes, there are some people here who simply haven't paid attention, and obviously there are bound, even here, to be some technophobes, but here's a thought - maybe the critics are simply people who don't accept that everything WordPress do is unavoidably wonderful. Dear god - the 2.7 announcement page was filled with people singing it's praises when they couldn't have had time to do much more than look at it, never mind use it, and that's just a knee-jerk reaction. 2.7 improves posting and updating speeds a little, other than that, there is nothing that actually makes the experience of using it better than before, and some aspects of it are seriously counter-intuitive.

    Consider this question, which has appeared quite a bit: “Am I the only one who can't find a 'visit site' link from the dashboard?” The stock answer is “Click the title of your blog in your admin header area. If you hover over the link, you will see "Visit Site".” Please tell me in what way this is actually an improvement over having a Visit Site button? It’s pretty obvious you click there – it says Visit site without hovering over it – but that’s just different, it’s not BETTER, and that’s what I’m saying; it's a pointless change. Bottom line – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It'll be interesting to see how 2.7 is received by WP .org.

    And here's a thing, 2.7 has just published an unfinished post without any help from me! I was nowhere near the Publish button - I was typing tags and categories. Whose fault is that, then? Call me picky, but 2.7 gets my vote.

  23. @ronsrealm. I like many of the 2.7 changes. But, I agree with you and what annoyed the hell outta me was all who said, "Just click on your blog title." I guess being someone who worked in Quality Assurance for so many years, I couldn't understand why light bulbs weren't flashing and bells ringing in people's heads saying, "This was a stupid, arbitrary change - let's put it back to the way it was." Instead, all's I saw was a lot of kissing up, IMHO. But, they did put something back, which I think will help greatly. Especially since WordPress claims that they get SO MANY new bloggers every month. Now if they'd just put the forum and support buttons back up (along with tabs for those who have more than one blog); I'd feel less like some changes were made just for the sake of changing it.

  24. The new dashboard is a bit cute, but this new navigation scheme is too hard to be learnt. :(

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