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2813 - how do I make the bottom bars go away

  1. In the new 2813 theme, I have some duplicates of widgets appearing as bars at the bottom of the page. I don't want them there, but can't find anywhere to control them.

    Can anyone help?

    (I noticed a forum thread to do with making widgets go away from bottom banner, but I can't get the discussion to display for some reason)


  2. @lmighton
    The answer to "how do I make the bottom bars go away" is: you can't. They are hard-coded into the theme. This will answer any questions about editing templates at

    The theme you have up now is Fadtastic and not 2813 so I suppose you changed. I do not see any widgets in the footer. In fact I see nothing that you can remove there.

    The discussion on the forum pertaining to widgets simply was to the effect of drag the widget out of the sidebar box and drop it into the available widgets box slowly and then click "save changes". And it's probably not applicable to your situation. This will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

  3. Lisa

    Perhaps you could sen in feedback asking for the theme to be modified. I am certain you aren't the only person with this issue.


  4. I think you are referring to the "Blogroll" links appearing on the bottom of the page (Fadtastic Theme). However if you don't want the links on the footer of the theme, modify your blogroll (Blogroll - Manage Blogroll - Edit - on Visibile option choose "No"). I hope that helps.

  5. sorry, i did mean fadtastic theme not 2813 (oops).

    and knoizki, that is the problem. what's puzzling is that 'info sharing - some interesting feeds' appears twice - once as a widget in the sidebar, which i want, and a second time as a sort of banner bar at the bottom of the page, which i don't want.

    i only want it on the page one time.

    i did try to make blogroll not visible, but can't figure out how to select that option - unless i have to delete it entirely?


  6. I suggest you simply request that the Fadtastic theme designer consider removing these when updating the theme. You can do that right here in this thread and send a feedback to staff with a link to this thread.

  7. Okay - thanks for the suggeston - I am hereby suggesting this, that the Fadtastic theme designer consider removing the bottom bars/banners from the theme, or to allow bloggers using the theme to decide whether to have those bars/banners or not

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