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    Hi All!
    As asked in the post presenting the 2813 wordpress.com theme [1] I wonder if it’s possible to:

    – have gravatars support in the comments;

    – have the main content coloumn width to be more (or equal) of 500px

    – if it’s possible to have the code tweaking you did for having ALL the posts categories in the main coloumn (sinche the 2813 one works on a single “main” category content)

    I also wonder if it’s the right place to do such requests. I do really hope so.

    Thanks in Advance,

    [1] http://wordpress.com/blog/2006/12/07/new-theme-2813/



    (1) Gravatars are not currently a wordpress feature. Our avatars do display when we leave comments on other wordpress blogs.
    (2) This thread contains a list of sizes for all the themes except the ones most recently added perhaps another one will suit you better http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/09/25/how-big-can-my-images-be/ And this link leads to reviews of the themes and their features.
    (3) We cannot edit, tweak or otherwise edit our themes. We can purchase an upgrade and customize the css only. This will answer all your questions on css customization and provide you with additional links on that subject. wordpress.com.
    (4) You are in the correct place to post to the “support” forum and to the “ideas” and “css customization” forums too.



    wow !
    i messed everything in a single post … is this a record ? ;-)

    thanks for the links, really. a couple of them haven’t found before!



    You “messed” nothing. I’m just the chatty type so I’m probably guilty of TMI. Anyway we’re cool and I’m happy the links were useful. Welcome to wordpress. You’re gonna love it. It’s the best blogging technology there is. :D
    Edit: IMO the new theme you chose suits your blog better.

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