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2.9.1 custom dashboard

  1. hi
    as newbie to wp but not php, is it possible to cusomise the dashboard for both admin and users? what i am trying to do is this.

    1) i need to create a member site and as such need each member to have there own personal dashboard, to consist of perhaps reports etc.

    2) some sort of payment gateway. is there one available for wp 2.9.1?

    if someone could give me some guidance, i shall be very grateful. many thanks

  2. Afraid you're in the wrong forum and need to be over at WordPress.ORG instead. Our software here works differently and we won't be able to help you with that.

  3. ooppss. thanks for heads up raincoaster. just shows you how new i am :-) cheers

  4. No worries, everyone makes that mistake at least once.

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