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    I am new to wordpress and am using the free version. I have a main blog, though not much to it. I have done some research on what I would like to do, but I am unsure if it can be done with a free page. Ideally I want to have a 2nd page that is a ‘running history’ of events. I do not wants these ‘history’ items to appear in my main blog page. I want ‘readers’ to be able to click a link at the top that takes them to this history of events, and have the ‘events’ listed in reverse chronological order.

    It looks like it is possible by editing a code to hide a specific category of posts from the main blog page, and creating a link in the top menu to that specific category. Then whenever I post about this type of event I can assign it to the specific category.

    My question is this: In the most simplistic language, can someone tell me if a) this can be done in a free wordpress account – and b) if so how do I do it?

    I have never done code before, this is my first blog, and I am fairly certain I have no clue what I am doing….just that I know what I wish it was :)

    The blog I need help with is overtheworldandback.wordpress.com.



    You can check here:
    To change the order to ‘asc’:
    [archives order=asc]



    I am not looking to change the order of the archives.



    The only way I know how to do this involves the Custom Design upgrade. Do you have that? I am not sure it can be done on all themes.

    You could theoretically take all of the posts in that category and backdate them ten years, which would push them off the main page of the blog unless someone scrolled back ten years. That will work without any upgrades.



    Raincoaster – thank you! I do not have the custom design upgrade – I was hoping to find a way to do it without. If not, I will try the upgrade. Thanks for your help!



    If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a useful link http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/posts-on-pages/



    Thanks! That is super helpful!



    Okay I think I am still missing something.

    I read the article and I am not sure where to put the code..

    I have added a bit to my blog to help. I added a link to the category The World According to Penny D to the menu at the top. I have created a tester post and assigned it to the category The World According to Penny D. Now I want to hide the tester post from the main blog loop and only see it when I click the link at the top.

    I currently have a free WordPress.com blog, and a paid ‘Custom Design’ upgrade. The theme is Truly Minimal.


    Ideally I want to have a 2nd page that is a ‘running history’ of events. I do not wants these ‘history’ items to appear in my main blog page.

    There isn’t a great way to do this on WordPress.com. There are some ways to work around it, like the back dating of posts that raincoaster mentions.

    In general, though, all posts show in the main stream of blog posts. There isn’t an easy way to selectively hide posts within a certain category from that stream.


    You know, actually there is a way to hide specific categories of posts from the main post listing page, by using the category class set in .hentry for that/those specific categories. As an example, the following hides “The World According to Penny D” category from the main page.

    .blog .hentry.category-the-world-according-to-penny-d {
        display: none;


    @thesacredpath – where would I enter that information?


    You would enter it as custom CSS. Go to Appearance > Customize > CSS, delete all the informational text in that window and then past in the above. The category class will have to be edited to reflect the category you actually want to hide from the main page.



    Thank you!! What a simple solution! :) Since I have you here….

    Is there a way to take out the phrase ‘category archives:’


    The category archive bit and the category name are all part of the same div, but the following trickery will get you where you want to be I think.

    .category .page-title {
        visibility: hidden;
    .category .page-title span {
        visibility: visible;
        margin-left: -260px;


    Amazing!! Thank you so much :)


    You are welcome.

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