3-8 hours delays with the RSS widget

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    I’ve got both my Facebook and my Twitter status set up on my blog via the RSS widget. In addition I have both of those also in my RSS reader. The RSS feed on my blog takes between 3-8 hours longer to update compared to my RSS reader which is pretty much instantaneous.

    I remember reading somewhere on here that the RSS feed only updates once and hour which is perfectly fine, but 3-8 hours?



    Yeah, I saw that thread. Afraid my problem has been going on for weeks.



    I know it’s bad etiquette to bump ones own thread, but has no one else got the same problem or know what could be the problem?



    yeah I’m having the same problem as well, no updating!



    Contact support. I did that and it pretty much sorted it for me. The delay is now about 1-3 hours maximum which I can live with.


    I have added a rss widget to my blog to update twitter. Unformtunately most of the time my wp page displays “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.”.

    It not only take quite long to update but most often this is the error message that reads on my blog.

    Anyone encountered that before? Any thoughts?




    I’ve seen that come up a couple of times over the months and a simple refresh fixed it for me. I’ve found Twitter to be extremly unreliable which is why I’m getting more and more bored with it. I love the concept and it’s a great way to share and read with and about friends, but the site is down so many times.

    You have the correct feed and seen it displayed correctly though, right?


    Thanks carocat.

    Yes. it reads correct now , ever since i posted this query ;)

    Though I have tried refresh several times and hasn’t worked for me.

    Hopefully twitter feed works fine..

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