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    Hi… it’s great to have a blog at wordpress.com. But, unfortunately I can’t use my name as a username here since a username must have at least 4 chars, while my name only have 3 chars. My name is Bee. Is it possible for me to have URL http://bee.wordpress.com ??? Can you make a single username exception for me ??? Temporarily, I’m using “bee.ography” as username, while usually I use the word as my blog description. For any kind of help and respond, I thank you in advance.



    This also isn’t what I need, really.
    I wasn’t sure what to fill in back then either, and now I’m stuck with the title of my blog as a username, which is a bore when commenting on some blogs.
    So I don’t want another blog, or another URL, I want another username.
    Is there really, really never going to be an option to change that?
    I dont really need my URL to change (that’s OK for now), but this is really annoying.
    Regards, Napfisk (not nodependenciesnologo!)

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