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    I’m wondering if/when a 3 column theme with a customizable header is coming out? Specifically I’d like something along the lines of either a 3 column version of Connections (2 narrow sidebars-one on either side, and a wide center) or Andreas09 with a customized header. Anyone?



    Please send in a feedback to staff outlining your reasons for wanting such a theme and it will be considered.



    A better idea would be to look for a theme that you would like added. Just asking for “a theme” doesn’t really give staff anything to go with. A site you can check out is:


    Hope this helps,
    -dr(I’d like a bunch of money)mike



    I didn’t see this thread when I started another on the same topic (I’m sorry, drmike!!!)

    I’d like to see more 3 column themes with a customizable header with the main blog in the center and sidebars on either side. Most of the ones I’ve seen have the main blog to the left and the two sidebars to the right. There are just a few with the main blog in the center and if I recall correctly, none of them had a customizable header though one did have have the ability to do custom colors.

    When I looked at the link drmike has there, I saw you could “search” the themes by number of columns but not by customizable header — or would that be under the “Options Page”?

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