3 posts published today vanished

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    Sorry this is a support question, but I cannot see anywhere else to post it.

    I had one post in draft, which I published today, to go live on Monday 4th January.
    Another post I wrote and saved to draft, then hit publish for Wednesday 6th January
    And a third I wrote, saved to draft, then hit publish with the date at 8th January.

    They have all vanished. Not in drafts, scheduled, published or trash, just vanished. I did a search for the post’s titles and the search returns no results.

    Has anyone else had this problem? or please could anyone offer suggestions as to how I could get them back?

    Appologies if this question is posted in the wrong place, I’m new to the forum and couldn’t see an alternative, while the help desk is closed.

    Many thanks


    The blog I need help with is billiescraftroom.wordpress.com.



    Hello there. I can’t find any recent threads on the exactly the same issue by using the forum searchbox. I did note that raincoaster says sometimes scheduled posts do not appear and you must enter them in edit move and publish them. However, you can’t do that if they cannot be found in the blog and you have looked everywhere except in Pages. Is it possible that you accidentally created and scheduled Pages. , instead of posts?

    If that’s not the case then unless another volunteer can come up with a bright idea, I think you may have to contact Staff foe help and they are currently on “holiday hours”. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    Scheduled posts sometimes don’t appear in the FEED. But if they were published, you can check Google Cache to see if they are there. Since these weren’t, you may be out of luck. I generally hit Control A, Control C just before publishing, and hit Publish while the contents are still selected; there was a bug with WP and IE6 that caused the posts to get wiped, and this prevented that. I’ve kept up the habit since the bug was fixed, since if something goes wrong I can just paste the contents back in, add the title and categories, and hit Publish.

    There have been three or four other people reporting something similar in the past few days. Only staff will be able to help you, but they should be able to help you. It’s a very rare occurrance.


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    …Control A, Control C …

    select all html, copy all html, and remember to paste all html into a plain text editor (or off-line blogging editor) especially for a scheduled post.

    bug or not just in the past few days, things can go wrong for a variety of other reasons:
    you are accidentally not logged in, browser issues, wordpress is down, chemistry… spirits?? whatever.




    Most likely your posts are there. Go to Posts / Edit, and in the ‘Search Posts’ box near the top left, type in the titles or some key words you used in those posts.



    That’s what I refer to in my Disaster Planning: Backups for Bloggers post as “Raincoaster’s Copy/Paste Work Around”. :) It has become a habit for me that dates back to 2007.



    Many, many thanks to everyone who has offered help with this problem. I’ve no idea what happend yesterday. I had a sneeky suspicion, that I just might have managed to post these as January 2009, instead of changing it to 2010…. I tried to check this yesterday but failed to find results.

    Yesterday when I did a blog search, I didn’t find the posts. I repeated the search today and one was indeed published as January 2009 {blushes with embarrasement!!!!!} sure enough the others were also there too.

    Sending virtual cake and beverages to you all, for your help, and I’m so sorry for such a rookie mistake. Chalk it up to my dyslexia!

    Many thanks for your time, help and advice.

    Best wishes for 2010

    Billie xxx

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