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    hello my blog: http://cinbiocli.wordpress.com

    1- Can people subscribes to my blog??

    2- what is RSS and how to use it??

    3- what is permalink?

    im sorry, im so newb…

    The blog I need help with is cinbiocli.wordpress.com.



    1. Yes

    2. RSS is a thing where you subscribe to blogs and it e-mails you every time the blogs make posts

    3. I have no clue, but I think it’s the link that takes you to a post or page (I’m not sure)



    ey man thx, so can you tel me how can people subscribe to my blog?, and how is rss used??


    Email subscriptions are different from RSS.

    See this support document on how to set up an email subscription: http://support.wordpress.com/email-subscriptions/ .



    Muchas Gracias!!!

    so what is the difference betewen RSS and email subscription??


    RSS stands for “Really Simply Syndication” and people can actually subscribe to your blog through their browser and then easily check on what you have new on your blog. Their browser will automatically check your blog for new content for them. Email subscriptions and an RSS feed are two different ways of doing the same thing.




    ey man when i try to copy the code from the burn page, the code disappear in the text box and the widget doesn’t work

    look at my blog here: [Sig link removed because there not allowed — T3CK]


    Scroll down further on that page at feedburner and use the code in the other box. The first code is javascript and cannot be used here.

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