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    I’m getting really confused.

    I have a wordpress blog smsfguide.wordpress.com currently ranking at number 3 under the keyword “SMSF” in google.com.au

    I tried to use the 301 redirect to a site smsfguide.net, after about a month, my wordpress blog ranked >300 and my site ranked ~100. I have built extra 150 backlinks in my smsfguide.net, why did it rank even lower?

    Now that I decided to cancel the 301 redirect and my wordpress blog jump all the way back to position 3. What should I do? All I want is to put advertisement on my blog, but wordpress.com does not allow….


    The blog I need help with is smsfguide.wordpress.com.



    Hi. In a nutshell, ranking works by domain, so unless you use a 301 redirect, you will completely lose any ranking you had on the __.wordpress.com domain and will have to build the ranking for your __.net from scratch.

    I’ll let another volunteer who knows this field better add to what I just said :-)



    You said it. There’s no way a stand alone island on a wordpress.org install is going to outrank a wordpress.com hosted blog.


    If you did a 301 redirect, the search engines will see that and in 3-6 months all of your ranking should transfer over to the new domain name.

    That said, Google has made a lot of changes in the last 6 months and it has ended up damaging the ranking on legitimate high ranking sites. I’ve got one client that dropped from 5/10 down to 2/10 and the site is NOT spammy or sploggy. It is a legitimate business site.

    Basically Google has ended up throwing some of the babies out with the bathwater.

    There are many out there carrying pitchforks and torches looking for Larry Page and Matt Cutts. It won’t be pretty if they find them.

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