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302 redirects?

  1. does surrport 302 redirects? im planning to move one of my blogs to a system and needs to do a 302 redirect. is that possible?

  2. Here...

    Although this is probably 303...

  3. As I understand it WordPress does not do redirects. There used to be an FAQ that gave a trick that could be used with the paid domain mapping upgrade, but I know several people who tried it and could not get it to work. If you already have domain mapping it might be worth a try.

    Personally when I went self-hosted I simply put a last post up on my .COM blog explaining I had moved and listing the link. Within about a month, the traffic on my .COM blog had dropped to virtually zero so I then made it private.

  4. Those instructions should work. If not, let us know.

  5. do you mean something like this?

    is it possible to add a 302 to the template or in a post?

  6. You cannot add anything to the template, since the core files are unavailable here at I think your best bet is to put a link in your post stating the new post location. I don't think you can do post by post 302 redirects.

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