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    I was reading the TOS and it didnt quite explain my question.
    On my blog, I often cross-post and cut/paste videos from video sharing sites.

    The users of the video sharing sites assess that they have permission or rights to post the videos when they post it to the video sharing sites.

    What happens if they actually dont have permission and I post it to my blog? Does that mean I infringed copyright and could get suspended too?



    Not unless you knew and posted it anyway. That someone is retroactively found not to own copyright to works means they basically defrauded you, not that you’re a criminal. The video will probably get taken down, though, and of course it’ll not work on your blog. That’s all.



    thanks for the reply. basically there is no way to know that too



    /nod to raincoaster

    @oniazuma – Not too long ago I had a YouTube video on my blog which was a topical parody of a well-known song. Within 36 hours it was pulled from YouTube for copyright reasons and anyone clicking on the video on my blog simply got a statement that the video was no longer available b/c of copyright.

    I was getting a lot of SE hits on it so I submitted a remove URL to Google, which denied my request because the post was (and is) still on my blog. Till then I didn’t know the url had to be non-existant to be removed.

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