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3rd pary WordPress Templates

  1. I found these cool WordPress themes ( and was wondering if there was a way to upload it? Thanks

  2. Ajene,

    On the hosted version of WordPress, limited themes are available for use and are determined by the staff. If you would like to recommend a theme, you can use the feedback in your blog admin area!


  3. Please review the FAQ sticky at the head of these forums. We can not add in themes from elsewhere as we do not have ftp access. Please also note that those themes are designed for regular wordpress while we run WordPress Multiuser and they may not run on this platform.

  4. Regular WordPress and WordPress Multiuser???

  5. Answers are in the FAQ. Multiuser means everyone shares the blogging software, so if one person changes something integral, it changes for everyone. That;s why security is so tight on what you can install and what you can't; one vulnerability in one blog means everyone is at risk.

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