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4 day old blog gets 800 views - sex sells

  1. I did a experiment, made a adult blog to see how many views a blog with this content can bring in. It has been 4 days since I made and I already have 800 views. I only have 5 posts all together.


  2. Yeah~ That's before some senile chaps from googles mark you off as mature.
    I suppose googles mark many of my postings as mature when they are as harmless as Kindergarten Cops or Hitch or the bloody Batman...

    But Sex, Scandals and Superman usually hit balls. Isn't that what Clark Ken's boss said in Superman Returns? LOL~ And those words will get the search engines to make Superman Returns marked Mature. Hahahahaha~

    Some IT guru should invent some engines soon which can differentiate between Superman Returns the movie and Superman Returns the porn... The current engines are similar to making sexy 007 contents rated...

    Celebrate when it hits 1,000,000,000 in a year.

  3. Google has very different standards than

    Congrats, that is a great result. And I'll remember that when someone whines about having their blog set as Mature.

  4. On a happy note, I saw a certain bug girl listed on the WP front page of blogs! Congrats!

  5. Rain,

    I am still suggesting some guru get the engines fixed, before dictionaries are labelled as well. LOL~
    I hope Googles will at least mark those contents providers with 'safe sex' columns, auntie agonies column and all those with Batman (violence), Hitch (sexual implication) and so on's reviews as mature as well... Hahahahaha...

    Alright, that's a crappy joke.

    Just get those silly engines fixed someday. Open up any newspapers, you can read gore and sex and rape and such... and kids are encouraged to read state papers. Googles make my blog seems like a porn site. Hahahaha...

    So one good reason to worship WP.


    Eh??? What bug girl? Am I missing something again? LOL~

  6. membracid - she had a post on bees on the front page in the science tag

  7. I'm just here for the sex.....

    Where's the sex?

  8. pornstarbabylon

    The first couple of days I got here my blog was a top blog and had THE top post in all of WordPress. Then I got spanked by WordPress and I lost 99% of my traffic then. lol

  9. Yay! At least writing about *insect* sex doesn't seem to get you knocked off WP.

    Oddly enough, the most common search tag that brings people to my blog is "porn."

    I claim the title of "Most disappointing internet click-through."


  10. Repeating xtap59 again ...

    wher da hek iz seks wez tawkin abawt?

  11. yeayea - if you want a blog for the hits and not the contents, it shouldn't be that difficult. I'm cranky and old - I want readers, not people clicking because it contains the word sex.

  12. pornstarbabylon

    I claim the title of "Most disappointing internet click-through."

    Some are disappointed that I don't have the porn they thought they would get. I mainly deal with news and Playboy type pictures. They were expecting more extreme.

  13. Hey, have you seen my Beaver Shots? Definitely more disappointing than that!

  14. I am going to run naked but a leaf all the way to Califonia... don't be disappointed if nobody sees me. LOL!

    Why is a most disappointed site???

    I sometimes feel very thrilling at thot of people thinking that there are alot of sex and such in my blog when they come and they can't see even a single penis or fucking action. LOL~

    I wrote a Geylang (it's an entire Singapore area for hookers hooking in Singapore) posting purposely add this 'Strip 'em' in the title. And anyone reading that knows what it means. LOL~ Perfectly pure and innocent. Actually that's whole beauty about this.

    The point about writing sex and violence and such rated staff-seems-to-be is to always stick to what your state papers' parameters when even teachers would encourage kids to read.

    Here's a topic: Let's about Sex, baby...

    What does that mean?

    Let's talk about sex of the baby, perhaps how to determine and how to engineer and your views about the sex of babies...

    I am sure Googles will love to rate such as mature... LOL~ Which is also a point of fun in itself.

    Imagine some assholes click mature search at googles, and click Scope's...

    "What the hell is this engine doing? There is nothing here sensual for my little bro!"



  15. Check out The Most Expensive Domain Names Ever for more buzzwords that'll get you hits. Ass is the top viewed page on my blog. I thought for sure it would be Marijuana or Barack Obama.

  16. Scope, do you speak bahasa melayu/ Indonesian a bit? Maybe this would stretch you a bit from ear to ear:

  17. Hi Babalicious!

    I can't understand those langauges...
    I am writing a new drama series story in my blog, not yet completed even and I got to run off. LOL~
    Where got time learn Malayu then read to stretch me ear? :)

    Scope is oredi ugly enough, if stretch ear too long... gone liao lah~ LOL~

    See ya around!


  18. 3 month old blog got only 3000 views! Howcome? because it sells NO sex at all ... :-D

  19. you should be proud, baba.

  20. yup, when i did a post entitled "sex sells", the hits came flooding in. its become one of my most popular posts.. even though it wasn't anything great. but to continue going along that line, just to see my stats skyrocket would be a little shallow.

  21. Hi Jenny!

    And that's when Google still rate you 'immature'. LOL~
    But of cos, I myself am also interested to know what 'else' sells. It's interesting to find ouw something that the public will be inclined to click.

    Talk about selling. Does anyone of you need anything cheap or what? I may be able to come out with something. :)

    Recently, my daily hits have hit past 100~200 average with my little experiment. LOL~

    I think the best trick is robots pick you up in time and you got the exposure by also writing everyday. But that's so tiring... ;)

    See ya, guys~


  22. yup, when i did a post entitled "sex sells", the hits came flooding in. its become one of my most popular posts.. even though it wasn't anything great. but to continue going along that line, just to see my stats skyrocket would be a little shallow.

    totally agree

    i have some tutorials in my blog and they get the most hits... but finally thats not what my blog is about :S ow
    it would be great if people check those tutorials out, then get hooked to the other posts (the ones i really want people to read)... actually thats why i made those tutorials... but people usually just pay attention to the things they are lookin for and will not take a few more seconds to "look around". heck, i myself do it. why should i expect people to do otherwise?
    so yes, i could post about sex, the pope, sites to watch movies for free, the last hurricane, the olympics, GTA IV... and i will get a lot more traffic... but are those people actually followin my blog? dont think so.
    Just take a look at the Top Posts from around when the olympics were on... almost all of them were about the olympics... then Gustav.. now Ike...
    Well, probably you know it already... i just found out, cause im a newbie regardin bloggin ^^' But its actually interestin... reminds about some TV programs.. when they do whatever it takes to get more rating... i will write something about this for sure ^^

  23. Anyway, my blog is getting boring, to me. It's been weeks that I haven't written anything good to it. I posted only pics, sick pics... I can't find a way to write.

  24. Go get a pen, eh?

  25. Robots, I heard, can't pick up pics. So...

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