4 out of 5 dentist

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    How do you contact wordpress directly? I just wanted to say their “4 our of 5 dentists” line is unfunny, unnecessary and pathetic.

    The blog I need help with is jdicarloatkg.wordpress.com.


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    Then you should change that to something suitable for your blog:
    dashboard—>settings—>general—>Tagline “In a few words, explain what this site is about.”—>save changes

    And then:
    no more unfunny dentists!


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    Actually, did you change themes? I see the tagline on the Sundance theme which comes with the placeholder: “A great WordPress.com site”

    Even so, the instructions above will allow you to change the tagline to whatever you want it to say.



    I think they rotate the taglines now – someone got tired of seeing the standard old tagline on several million blogs


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    Ah! Good. Then even though it’s 2 am and should be sleeping, I can rest assured I’m not going nuts…

    Any rate, that is how to change the tagline, as I indicated above.

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