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    I clicked the box in theme options so that the 4 most recent posts show up at the bottom of my home page, but nothing shows up. It must be an easy fix. I made my posts sticky and used the image format b/c I thought that would help. Can’t figure it out…

    It must be an easy fix :)
    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is tiffanymanchester.com.



    Make only ONE post sticky, and only if you must. Otherwise things get screwed up.

    The newer themes display things in different ways. Double check your theme info to make sure it has the option to display more than one post, or to see if it only posts Featured Posts on the main page.



    a) Marking posts as stickies makes them show up in the optional slider (if they have a featured image that’s wide enough).

    b) The 4-recent-posts showcase doesn’t work with image format posts.

    c) The 4-recent-posts showcase shows up below the header on the main posts page. Since you’ve set your front to display a static page, the showcase won’t show on your “Home” page, it will show on your “Blog” page (after you unsticky the posts and set their format to standard).

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