4 Questions: home page, audio, users & tags

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    Blog address: Not yet for publication: http://swedith.wordpress.com/

    I have 4 questions:

    1- Home page: Is there a way to keep the home page stable–as a welcome page– no matter what posts are entered? I would like people to land on the same intro page and then be able to click on the Categories or Pages to read new posts. The default seems to be that any new post– from any category or page– supercedes the original welcoming message. So eventually that material (home) will drift to the bottom and then into archives which is not how I want it to behave.

    2- Audio files: I tried to upload an audio file (mp3), first by using the upload feature on the post page. It was not accepted. Then I tried to link to it using the absolute link and that comes up a 404.
    Using the same url (http://www.swedithintina.com/Sounds/The Buntin.mp3 ) straight from a browswer works fine to lead to the song. What am I doing wrong? Is there a more elegant way to include sound– something very important for this particular blog?

    3- Multiple users: For this particular blog there will be 2 human users/authors and 4 fantasy characters who will be posting. I have set it up so it accepts me as an author, but I can’t figure out how to have 5 other authors. I tried inviting myself (under a different email address) just to test what happens when an invite is issued. Nothing. I never even received it. So I don’t know how to include these other “authors.”

    4- Tags for search engines and cross linking: Where can I enter tags so that the blog community and search engines know how to find the blog?



    Suggestion – The search box is there for a reason. :)

    1) Do a search here for static home page. Been covered many times.

    2) Do a search for mp3. Been covered many times.

    3) Do a search for multiple authors. Been covered many times.

    4) Do a search for tags. (Add in Lorelle as she did a FAQ on the subject) Been covered many times.

    Hope this helps,

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