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4 Woman who have changed modern music


    Ive chosen 4 iconic woman in Music for this weeks discussion and hopefully a little inspiration to all those creative mind out there
    Today hs been my first day off since openeing th blog, so I had a bit of time to post something more subsantial. Feedback is appreciated.. enjoy :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why oh why does my keyboard like to torment me?

    Fixed typos and copy

  3. Did you know that Bjork covered a song written in 1927?

  4. Well done. Recommended reading :)

  5. Thanks James and after reading your blog I really do appreciate the nod. Music shapes moments in time of our lives yes?

  6. It is always inspiring to see people with true passion push themselves through anything to achieve their dream. Very informative. You must have spent a great deal of time doing the research. Well done :)

  7. Actually, I think I tend to sponge up triva LOL Thank you for the kind words

  8. Brilliant piece. Well done

  9. Thanks Mouse, Took a quick look at your blog. Very funny mate. Will return for a longer read tomorrow after work :)

  10. New post in work and teaser posted. Thanks to all the great comments and feedback folks :)
    Anyone have suggestions for future articles they'd like to see? Let me know

    Old Wolf

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