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403 forbidden nginx on iphone

  1. Hey! am loving wordpress - but am having a little problem.

    I have a number of blogs that i update the pictures from my iphone, when i go to 'view' any of the blogs i get the message '403 forbidden nginx' this is a recent issue as i haven't had this problem beforehand

    thanks for any assistence


  2. Hi there,

    Could you give me an example one of the sites which you are trying to view and are getting an error on? Also, are you trying to view it via your web browser or through the WordPress app on your iPhone?

    Thanks for letting me know!

  3. ah, this page box is now showing..... :)


    am not sure what you mean by an example, do you want a picture of the error message?

    i am trying to view both draft and published posts on my iphone through the wordpress app

    thanks, Dax

  4. Heya,

    I don't need a screenshot at this point. I was just hoping for one of your blog's names. You mentioned that you have several, and I wanted to confirm one of the sites that you're definitely having problems with! :)

  5. these are the ones where i get an error msg


  6. Hey there,

    I'm so sorry this has taken so long to get back to you, but I found a colleague who was having a similar issue with his own blog/phone and we were using that as a test to try and get things resolved!

    We found that even though he had entered it correctly, the WordPress app may have been reading his blogs as having been entered as self-hosted blogs, which is what results in the 403 errors. The fix was the remove the blogs from the app, make sure that the app is updated, and then to re-add them, ensuring that we are adding them as blogs. That has allowed the blogs to work correctly!

    Hopefully this will work for you as well!

  7. hey! this worked for me too!!

    thanks so much :)

  8. Fantastic! So glad it worked out.

    Have a great rest of your week! :)

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