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    Here is the link to my blog.http://subeeds.wordpress.com/ None of the sidebar links-blogroll, Fellow seed bead artists or jewelry artists will work. All that comes up is a 404 error. When I made my blog,I copied and pasted everything where I thought it should be. I’ve searched through FAQ and the forums, but can’t find out what is wrong. I would appreciate it if somebody could tell me how to fix this. Please make it as simple as possible because I am technically challenged. Thanks


    The first link (accentyourself) doesn’t have a link attached to it (just http://). The others have two http://'s at the beginning of them. Remove one and your links will work.



    Thanks. I’ll go see if I can fix it now that I know what’s wrong. Appreciate the help.


    You’re welcome, and happy blogging.

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