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404 error on some pages but not errors

  1. I was trying to create some new pages and now am getting 404 errors where the text should be for these pages. but some other pages still work and include the text.

  2. *cough* Example please. :)

    Are these 404s just plain 404s or are they wrapped around your blogs theme?

    I see 4 Pages on your blog and all 4 come up fine.

  3. the blog is; the general site content appears, but on some pages it's just a 404 in the middle

  4. I need an example of which pages are 404ing for you. The 4 Pages on your sidebar all work for me. :)

  5. hmmm, I tried the pages in a diff. browser and they seem to show up okay.... will re-start and come back

  6. I rebooted and all is fine.

  7. Well, the problem seems to be back. Ideas?

  8. I followed the link under your username before hand. That's why they all worked for me I guess.

    Yup, I see it now as well. I note that the link is missing as well from your sidebar. I know the sites are mirrored between server locations. Yo might be hitting this. Strange though that it's taken this long not to mirror though.

    Feedback sent.

    There are 5 pages in the sidebar.
    There are 5 pages in Manage > Pages
    They all work for me.
    does not exist - so it's a 404. A real 404.

    Am I missing something here?


    It was there a few minutes ago. Sidebar and everything. :)

    That's what I see and I'd expect to see for a page that really isn't there.

  12. That's what I see now as well.

  13. I have changed the offending pages and started over. They work now, except that the links at the bottom for "entries" and "comments" give the 404 error. It's not supposed to do that right? Am I seeing things?!

  14. Still wondering how to get the entries and comments links to work again..... 404 error.

  15. Publish some Posts and get some comments. All you've written have been to Pages. I don't think a feed is generated until a Post is created.

  16. that did the trick -- thanks!

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