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    Why is all my posts got a 404 error…arge…after almost two years at WordPress.com I can’t find any posts without that error. Not only the posts but the images too if there are errors on your behalf and they cannot be retrieved.

    I cannot post anything new as I can’t trust it to appear and so willl move my blog elsewhere.

    I am horrified that this could happen to me. It can’t be because I upgraded as we are not allowed. I did remove a couple of postings but then had a change of heart and re-posted so its not that and anyway we are talking only a couple of them not everyone like now.




    We are working on this right this minute – it’s our fault and we are fixing it.
    Sorry for the annoyance.



    Is this problem why all of my categories are gettin 404 error?




    Heck, my problems are also same:

    From last 2 days ( today is 3rd day ) I am facing strange and unusual problems with my blog at wordpress (see down, in my signatures). I have experienced these 3 different kinds of problems:

    1.) I can open my blog but when i try to edit it, it freezes my web-browser, the Firefox.

    2.) In morning, I went to a cyber-cafe and found I can not open my blog there. Then i went in evening and i found sometimes i can see my blog, sometimes I can not open. sometimes I can login into wordpress and sometimes I can not :(

    3.) I went to another cyber-cafe and found http://www.wordpress.com showing an unusual home-page and FAQs page does not exist, http://faq.wordpress.com/ . After 3 min, The FAQs page comes to exist on internet but with strange web-page interface

    I found more problems here:





    Me too.
    Categories and Tag Cloud going to error 404 WordPressTigers..

    You are totally in the wrong place.
    Do not pass GO; do not collect $200.
    Instead, hit that “back” button on your browser, and get it right next time, eh?

    :) eh :)



    Don’t post any more posts till its made right,

    What does seem to work (temp as we want/need this correcting asap) is click on your calender where its been a post made this will bring up all posts for that day, along with any images.

    Best I can offer at the moment. I hope support is working in the background on this aweful problem.



    when I open my post from catagories , I see – ‘Error 404 – Not Found’
    what is this? I am from february 2007 on this blog , but I have never seen this error before. what is the problem now? pl. help me.



    @pasand and any others who post to this thread

    Please, please take note of the post in yellow above. Mark is our Support Maven. He clearly states:

    We are working on this right this minute – it’s our fault and we are fixing it. Sorry for the annoyance.

    What’s required is patience while staff sorts this. :)



    OK thanks for reply.



    You’re welcome. I’ know it’s frustrating but staff are on the job and doing the best work they can do as fast as they can it to correct this. :)



    Timetheif -member,

    If people don’t post of the problem then support won’t know how big the problem is will they?

    I don’t come to support so often because I see you jumping on people’s posts. Surely its up to support or a moderator to say who can say what, when.

    Look at it this way they must have had no idea that we had problems before I posted today, unless we let them know then they can’t make it right..right?



    I’m not at all suggesting people shouldn’t post their problems here. Quite the opposite. You see pasand said:

    pl. help me

    I wanted him or her to note he or she was not alone, staff were on the job and there was a need for patience. That’s all. :)




    Many thanks all seems to be working now.

    Hip hooray..lololol



    Glad everybody’s having problems and it’s not just me…well, I’m not glad…you know what I mean.

    Sometimes pictures come up and sometimes they don’t. My blog won’t even come up. Sometimes I can get into my dashboard and sometimes nothing happens but a blank screen.



    Thanks for your post dork,

    Your problem is different but just as important so thanks for posting about it.

    Keep checking your blog because Mark is on to these new errors.


    uhm hello, it still doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m still getting the errors =]




    I got an email from support. They are “really sorry, we are fixing it”

    though not fixed yet :-(



    My Blog: http://nuftenoft.wordpress.com/
    Thank you for resolving my problems whith catogories and numbers yesterday. :)

    I keep getting 404-errors on some of my postings. Those postings have in common that I have used the norwegian letter æ in the headline, but not all posts with this letter in the head get a 404 error.
    Eksample: This test-post I made today: http://nuftenoft.wordpress.com/2007/09/17/Æ-test-æ/
    and this old post: http://nuftenoft.wordpress.com/2007/08/15/bær-og-frukt-fra-hagen-min/ which is the first post you see when you open catogory: http://nuftenoft.wordpress.com/category/tips-og-rad/
    Thank you for your help!



    My blog: http://nuftenoft.wordpress.com/
    Thank you for changing the url on my test-post. From http://nuftenoft.wordpress.com/2007/09/17/Æ-test-æ/ to http://nuftenoft.wordpress.com/2007/09/17/ae-test-ae/

    I fixed the other posts om my blog with 404-error myself by: 1, copying, 2, deleting and 3, posting the posts as new posts whithout the letter “æ” in the heading. After the url was made (= after publishing the post) I changed the heading to what I want it to be.

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