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404 Message

  1. Why does a 404 Error Message appear whenever I try clicking on the "About" tab on my blog?

  2. victoriacarolina

    Because you haven't actually made the "about" page?

  3. Have a question, I do get the 404 error message. I do have information inside the about page still when I save and click on "About" I still get the 404 error message.

  4. Twice I have lost Page edits (and the original article too) when I pressed "Save": I got the Error 404 message, and the page had gone. Is this related to the updates? I am trying to remember to take the precaution of copying my edit to the clipboard before I try to post it, but really . . .

  5. riverwriter - I've fixed your "test" and "css feeds" pages. Are they ok?

  6. Yes, but both the originals and new edits with same titles reappeared as tabs. It took some time to get rid of the tabs for the pages I then deleted. I reloaded several times before they removed. I suppose it was a reset problem. It all works now. Thanks.

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